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Have you ever introduced toys into the bedroom to spice things up? Cricketer Andrew Flintoff has – although his toy of choice is a little bit more left-field than usual.

In the new Channel 4 show Married To A Celebrity: The Survival Guide, Flintoff revealed that he wears a Fitbit activity tracker during sex to encourage him to “work a bit harder to impress his wife.” His wife Rachel seemed far from impressed, however, describing his coital monitoring as “weird” and “really wrong.”

Sorry Rachel, but we’re with Freddie on this one. Research has proven that we burn 3.6 calories per minute during sex – more than during a brisk walk. And there are a range of other health benefits that come from sex, as we reveal below.

So stop slogging and start snogging (your legitimate partner – no naughty affairs please).

Reduces stress

According to a small study of 46 men and women, stressful activities such as public speaking caused more stress to people who had not recently had sex.

Getting frisky between the sheets has been found to lower your cortisol levels, which is also known as the stress hormone. Even a hug boosts our oxytocin levels and makes us feel more calm.

The movement and opening of the hips can also release stress and tension stored in the psoas – one of the major muscles around your pelvis. This muscle doesn’t really get stretched much, unless you’re crazy for yoga.

Fewer sick days

Fear of a common cold is the bane of every office workers life. So rejoice, because sex can actually help you keep your immune system ticking over.

A report from Wilkes University, showed that having sex once or twice a week is linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which can protect you from getting colds.

Lessens chance of prostate cancer

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who averaged 4.6 to 7 ejaculations a week were 36 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 70 than men who ejaculated less than 2.3 times a week on average.

No jokes about happy endings, please.

Live longer

In the early 1980s, researchers surveyed the sexual frequency of 918 healthy male, middle-aged villagers in Caerphilly, Wales. They checked back on the Welshmen ten years later, and found that compared with men who had had sex just once a month, those who reported having it twice a week had half the death rate.

Ease headaches

Matters of the heart can oft cause a headache or two. Should I swipe right or left? To ghost or not to ghost? But, while you are doing the deed you may find these headaches improve. A 2013 study, asked 1,000 patients if their migraine improved during sex, with 60 per cent reporting an improvement. So next time you’ve got a sore head, don’t reach for the medicine cabinet, go for the bedpost.

Sleep better

It makes sense that less stress results in less tossing and turning (of the sleep variety) at bedtime. But more specifically having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which is linked with deep sleep. And it gets even better for women, as sex boosts estrogen levels, which results in a better quality deep sleep – which opens up the door to whole load more health benefits, such as keeping your figure trim.

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If you’re a single guy and not living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of the dating or rather hook up app called Tinder. Tinder is basically an application that lets you like or dislike profiles of people by swiping right for “like” or left for “nope”. Tinder lets users upload pictures from their Facebook profile and also adds a snippet of information from their profile as well.

Although women are on tinder for different reasons, tinder is in my opinion better for one night stands than OKCupid or PlentyofFish because subconsciously, women view Tinder as a “hook-up” app”.

The goals of this guide are simple:

-Get an attractive girls attention/attraction
-Get her number as soon as possible
-GET LAID within 24 hours on tinder. Ideally within 2 hours.NOT get a date, not text a girl endlessly and hope she chooses you and certainly, not to go on multiple dates.

The facts to remember:

There are at any given time, a number of girls that are DTF (down to fuck) on tinder.
EVERY attractive girl on tinder has multiple guys messaging them and they are interested in multiple guys as well.
Tinder is possibly the most superficial dating app out there and it works so well for precisely that reason.

I signed up to tinder and after a few weeks of tinkering around, I must say I’ve become quite good at it.

Basically, in the last 3 days, I’ve been on four “Tinder Dates” and hooked up with two of the four women. All four were attractive – not as attractive as women I’d approach in person, but attractive enough to hook up with. The week before that, I met five girls from tinder and hooked up with one.

After extensive tweaking and a LOT of messages sent out, I’ve developed a surefire way to get dates and more specifically, hook up with girls from Tinder.

1. Your Photos

Your tagline on tinder is irrelevant. Only your pictures matter on first impression. Tinder is a superficial app and you literally have a few seconds to a make a first impression-in fact, a lot of times you have less than a second before she swipes to the left.

2. Profile

I recommend creating a new facebook profile just for tinder. However, this has been known to be glitchy with tinder and end up giving you no matches at all. One of the first things you should do is start liking pages that girls like in general. This increase the interests you have in common. Usually TV shows that girls love will get you there. I dont watch TV as its a waste of valuable time, but a google search let me know what is popular out there.

3. Technique

Swipe right. Let me explain something to you, guys. In the real world, women get to pick and choose who they want to sleep with. Getting laid for men is a numbers game, with the probability of you getting laid increasing as you improve you looks, lifestyle, Game and social status.

With Tinder, you’ve got your looks down and sub-communicated your status. Your next step is to play the numbers game. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for attractive women and discounting those you don’t find attractive.

The reason for this is that it is a WASTE OF TIME. If you were to pause at every third girl you found moderately attractive, check out her pictures and read her tagline, you just wasted a few precious seconds.

Swipe and get as many matches as possible. If you live in a large city of 1 million+ residents and you have followed my above instructions, you WILL get multiple matches.You can filter for the girls you find attractive as the matches line up. I prefer to get 6-10 matches before I start messaging.

4. Messaging

The purpose of messaging is two fold:

To Screen the girl and see if she is looking to get laid, or DTF.
To Get her number.
Send out messages to all your matches. Remember – you are looking to meet up with women on tinder THAT DAY. As in, within a 24 hour period.

Simple as that! Good luck and have fun!

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pros and cons of daily sex

Sex has become an integral part of life. If you want to satisfy yourself, then sex is mandatory. According to professionals, sex is really beneficial for us in terms of health and other things. If you want to give relaxation to your body, then porn and sex can be a reliable option for you. Sex has become one of the best exercises that will maintain the body. However, if you are doing sex on a regular basis with a partner, then it can be dangerous for your body. Before marriage, most of the partners are having sexual relations.

With the help of David’s sex blog, one can grab a lot of information regarding the sex. Make sure that you are reading the blog carefully. However, if you want to do sex with proper precautions, then you must buy condoms. It will prevent many complicated diseases such as HIV and other ones as well. Following are the major advantages and disadvantage of daily sex.

What are the pros?

Sex is a wonderful feeling in the world that is providing the following benefits to the user.

  • Improve the Libido

If you are having sex on a regular basis then it will improve the libido and other things For women, daily sex will improve a lot of things like as circulation of blood flow and elasticity as well. However, make sure that you are providing enough pleasure to your partner.

  • Perfect for orgasms

According to one study, with the help of sex one can improve the orgasms. It is one of the most important things that will able to improve the level of testosterone and estrogen that will able to improve the appearance of the skin. Therefore, if you want glowing skin, then you must do sex on a regular basis.

  • Stress relief

If you are suffering from the stress then either you do sex or watch porn. Both are the best things that will give enough relaxation to your body. Sex is one of the best things that will boost the self-esteem.

What are the cons?

Sex is really beneficial for you, but if you are doing excessively then, it can be dangerous for your body.

  • Pregnancy

For every college student, sex is one of the dangerous things because it can lead to the pregnancy. After getting pregnant, they have to give up their dreams and studies as well. They don’t have much time to raise a kid.

  • Sexual disease

Along with the pregnancy, if you aren’t wearing the condom while sex then it will lead to the sexually transmitted disease that is really dangerous for life. You may feel pain in the dick, so one has to take the assistance of a professional doctor.

  • Condoms

A condom is the worst thing that will reduce the feeling of the sex. Therefore, if you don’t want to pregnant a girl, then you must buy a condom for it.

Moving further, David’s sex blog is one of the best websites ever where you can grab some facts about sex.

Children experience the world in their own way. They want to play and discover and conquer the big world for themselves. There is nothing better than spending time with friends in a playground and just having fun. A playground offers a lot of possibilities, because here there is not only sand to think of creative games, but also a variety of climbing frames and swings. At some point, however, the childhood is over and adulthood begins. The playground is replaced by the workplace, which now determines daily life. But even as an adult, the joy of playing exists, only that this refers to a very personal area of ??life. The love life can be positively influenced by different sex toys, because they involve both partners, so here the question comes what to choose Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing. It reminds a little of the childhood, where the swing was a welcome game object. In a figurative sense, she is now also with many couples who want to try something new and want to make their love life interesting and varied.

At a glance

The love swing is available in different designs and different materials. The structure is almost always the same for all models, because it contains an individual number of straps and loops.

The load limit plays an important role, because it decides whether the sex swing is designed for one or both partners. The permissible total weight should not be exceeded in order not to jeopardize the safety of both partners.

Depending on the model, it can be mounted on the ceiling or in a door frame. The attachment should be such that it can withstand all loads. Most models do not include the mounting accessory, so it must be purchased separately.

The love swing comparison of is a helpful little guide that shows the different properties and their quality differences of the best sex swings and compares with each other. Cosmpolitan too has a list of the 5 best sex swings for couples.

What is a love swing?

Everyone knows a swing from their childhood days. The love swing is very reminiscent, except that the material is different and the structure is different. In English she is known as Sex Swing or Loveswing and is used to give a partner in the love area much joy. The sex swing is usually equipped with a chain that can be attached to the ceiling or in the door frame. Various models can also be mounted on an optional frame, so that drilling or dowelling in the ceiling is not necessary. The love swing can be used as a couch or just as a seat. The attached straps or loops give the partner a sufficient grip, so that it does not fall out. Depending on the position, the active partner is now granted access to a wide variety of body parts. You will have to conclude on if you need Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing?

The models of the love swing can be very different, but in the functionality are all very similar. It is important to have a proper installation in order to achieve a high safety factor for both partners. But the permissible load capacity should not be exceeded, since the materials are not designed for it. If you want to use the love swing for two, you should therefore inform yourself before purchasing if this is possible with the desired model. Just so you know, you can buy wonderful sex swings at

Different types of love swing

As with vibrators or lubricants, there are also different model variations with regard to the sex swing . It depends on your own preference as well as on the partner and on what you would like to experience with him.

The care of a sex swing

A special care is not necessary. The sitting or lying area should be cleaned after use with warm water and some detergent to keep it hygienically clean. This is especially true for sling boards or sling mats, as there is a much larger contact area. At regular intervals it is certainly beneficial to use a mild disinfectant for cleaning, especially when used by various partners. A love swing, which consists of leather or synthetic leather seating or lying surfaces, can also be treated with a commercially available leather care, so that the leather maintains its well-groomed appearance.

Important purchase criteria in the love swing

The resilience of a love swing is a very important purchase criterion, as this guarantees the safety of the partners. The permissible weight limit thus provides information about the extent to which the sex toy can be used for one or two partners.

Design type

The design in a love swing also plays a not unimportant role. However, it depends on the particular wishes of the partners and on what you can imagine in love affairs. Differences are in the love swing between seat sling, sling mats or sling boards.

Mounting location

Before buying, it should be thought about where the love swing should find its place. Accordingly, you can look around for the model that comes into question. Some models can be mounted on the ceiling or in the door frame; others need a frame that takes up much more space.

Safety Tips

The following safety tips should be considered when dealing with love swings:

  • Uses a suitable, secure mounting option and suspension, strictly adhere to maximum permissible loads
  • Avoid positions where there is a risk of choking through the belts and loops
  • If possible, use the love swing for at least two, so that you can help each other in getting in and out (or from an emergency)
  • Make sure that children do not play with the love swing

Tips for more fun with the love swing

The love swing actually comes from the BDSM area and if you have not had any experience with exciting bondage and submission games, then why not give it a try? Creativity knows no limits. First of all, it has to be determined who the dominant is and who is the subject partner. It may happen that one of the partners is too keen on the love game and for this reason, a word is always set at which the game ends immediately. Nude woman is rocking on rope: If you do not feel like BDSM, you can try out new sex positions with the love swing.

A simple variant is this: The woman lies comfortably in the love swing and the man penetrates while standing in it. He does not need to move himself, but he can move the love swing. This position is also “a tergo”, so from the back possible. The woman is lying on her stomach this time and the man penetrates from behind.

In anal intercourse it is important that this has previously been discussed with the partner because this type of sexual intercourse is not liked by everyone. A third basic variant is assigned to the Oral sex. Here is the man first on the love swing. The woman takes his penis in his mouth and moves the swing back and forth.”Mundfick” takes over when both partners can enjoy this erotic experience halfway passively. Of course, fellatio is also possible in this way, except that now lies again the woman and the man kneels in front of her and satisfied her orally, while gently rocking back and forth.

The anal beads, also known as Thai balls, are currently presented as a stimulation toy that can be used interchangeably by any sex and not being so aggressive with the area is presented as an ideal accessory for the warm-up stage. It is the most used adult toys along with vibrators. If you want to experiment with these balls it is advised that you know some important aspects of them by going through the beginner’s guide to anal beads. You can check this website for more info.

Recommendations for Using the Anal Balls

If you are going to acquire a complement of this type for your relationships, the ideal is that you know the materials in which they are made. These are popularly made in silicone, although they can also be found in metal. Bvibe has a great article on this subject.

The benefit of anal beads made in silicone is that this is a material that is sanitized very easily. The metal also allows for good hygiene, but is recommended for cases where more intense penetrations are preferred.

Whatever your choice, what is advised is to choose toys that are not made of porous materials and that do not present foliates. Ideally, it should be a smooth material, so that in this way it does not store bacteria in the pores and at the same time irritations are avoided.

If you have decided to make use of these balls it is advised that you follow the following guidelines:

  • The first thing to consider is that these balls are used during the sexual act in order to increase the pleasure of the couple. With them you can have much more intense orgasms. It must also be taken into account that its use can be given simultaneously to vaginal penetration.
  • In addition, it should be noted that their main purpose is to help dilate the rectum area, as a preamble to the practice of anal sex.
  • When making use of these Anal Balls it is advisable to look for a comfortable position, which will help you to relax the muscles of the anal area.
  • It is essential to make use of a good water-based lubricant, to apply on the balls and anus.
  • Then, when introducing them, it must be done with an undulating movement. In this way its insertion is easier.
  • Likewise, you should know that you can leave the balls inserted. In the case of choosing rigid balls you can make penetrating movements.
  • Also, it is necessary to take into account the diameter of the balls chosen. These can be found in the current market with different dimensions, although the average size is 30 mm. Clearly and if you want smaller balls to start in this practice you can also find them, although the recommended in this case is to opt for those that are presented with a rigid base that facilitates the insertion.
  • In any case it is also necessary to consider the weight of them about 30 g is the usual.

Finally, hygiene is something we cannot forget. Whenever you are going to use them, do not forget to clean them and the same when you finish. In the case of wishing to use them in the vagina, first you have to make an adequate cleaning.

Although the Chinese balls are quite popular and we have already talked about them for a long time, you need to have a facelift to that old article and renew it a bit, because updating and refreshing knowledge never hurts, right?

Pleasures of Ancient Beads

Let’s start this update by its origin. Despite being called Chinese balls, its origin dates back to feudal Japan and was designed to satisfy the sexual desires of an emperor. Legend has it that the emperor had enough lovers and little patience or time. Therefore, they created these balls for their concubines. The idea was that they would use them to lubricate and so he could go straight to the point without having to be “wasting time.”

Subsequently, the Geishas also used them to exercise their pelvic floor and also began to give them a more pleasant use that is why Chinese balls are also known as geisha balls.

What are Chinese balls?

Normally they are two balls, although it can be a single one, between 3 and 4 cm in diameter joined by a cord or rubber. Inside, each ball contains another smaller and heavier ball that oscillates with the movement (sways) generating a vibration that can become pleasant.

We have said that Chinese balls are also known as Geisha balls or ben wa balls, but do not confuse them with Thai balls. What is the difference between the two? The difference is marked by the use that is given and explained: Chinese balls are usually for vaginal use, while Thai balls are for anal use.

How to differentiate from each other?

It is not very difficult because these Thai balls are a series of balls, usually between three and ten, that grow in size, do not contain another ball inside and usually end with a ring or stop, which serves to avoid the empty effect and you, can take them out later.In short, the anal or Thai balls contain more balls and smaller (between 1.5-2 cm) than our protagonists.

How are Chinese balls placed?

Inserting them is as simple as putting a tampon. The first thing to do is to be relaxed, to put yourself in the position in which one is more comfortable: sitting in the toilet or bidet, lying with legs spread out or standing with one foot resting on the bed or in the bathtub. As you can imagine, if you are nervous, the thing is tense and will be unpleasant and even painful. A tip: putting some lubricant on the first ball will facilitate its introduction.

The mechanics to follow are simple: push and introduce the first ball in the vagina, and repeat the operation with the second. Extra trick: if we get very nervous and the first ball does not want to enter, we can help the old lubricant and rotate it, turn it as if we put a light bulb, to give an example, while we push it inwards. The second ball will enter better than the first and you know that the experience is a degree and knows that nothing has happened, nor has it hurt to introduce the first, as it helps a lot.The only thing that has to be left out is the tampons. If they are well placed, you will not notice anything until you start to move, that’s where the vibrations will start to be noticed.

Loneliness is not a reason for giving up sexual pleasure, so sex shops offer a wide variety of sex toys that can brighten up your leisure time. In their assortment, you can find everything to meet your fantasies: artificial vaginas and butts, realistic dolls, prostate stimulants and much more. If you’re looking to buy some, you can Get yours now at

But do not think that this section is intended only for single men. In it, you will also find a variety of different devices, allowing you to deliver additional pleasure to your partner.

Rings and nozzles on the penis are indispensable assistants in matters of sexual activity. A diverse assortment of rings and nozzles allows you to make any changes to the process: change the size of the penis and its shape, extend the time of sexual intercourse, simultaneously stimulate several erogenous zones, speed up and even strengthen the partner’s orgasm. All this is possible, it is only necessary to determine the choice among the diversity of our range.

Rings with vibration perform the function of maintaining an erection, but with a bonus as one or several vibro-elements for additional stimulation of the partner’s erogenous zones. Many women love to caress themselves in the process of sex with a partner, but it is not always convenient. Let your passion relax and have fun, without being distracted by anything.

Why are sex toys now at the height of fashion?

Pornography and its visual codes are so firmly entered into yourlife, that it cannot simply be turned off by closing the lid of the laptop. Predicted with almost Olympic energy, diversity and provocative devices, porn leaves no chance for classic “boring sex” remember who would like to eat mother’s cooking after the first children’s acquaintances with juicy burgers and coke? The fact that this is bad and unhealthy, everyone already knows, let’s talk about pleasant things.

Different types of urethral toys are for solo sessions and for bright group performances. It is realistic, indistinguishable from kitchen technical utensils or suitable for space fiction decorations. Available even to a student or created for Asian fetishists with a gold card of a top manager. But there is a class of intimate gadgets, which is undeservedly paid minimum attention. Homemade sex toys genuine folk art. There is no sublimation to you the power and imagination are embedded in the objects of the first erotic necessity. If, consciously or by chance, you have never done anything with your hands in your life, then here it is – an opportunity that should not be missed. Metro has published an article about this.

Ice cubes, electric toothbrush and other fly swatches leave to women’s magazines the improvised is not self-made and you do not need to be freud to understand that cucumber is not only a cucumber. Primitive crafts such as a pumpkin with a hole for a member or a ski mask with a sewn zipper, we also take out the brackets, the benefit of interesting objects and without them is enough. Of all the usual assortment of the sex shop, the world of DIY toys is limited, as a rule, on direct imitators of the female and male genitalia. There is a considerable amount of home-made furniture with belts for BDSM experiments, but let us leave the secrets of their production to joiners and proceed to the manufacturing guidelines found on the web.

Make Your Own Sex Toys

In general, a penny imitator of female reproductive organs from kitchen sponges can also be classified as elementary, but it is a sin to not mention him in this list. Moreover, in contrast to a number of more complex models, this one has the option of temperature control.

What you need: two large sponges, a glass or a jar from under the Pringles, a lubricant, a condom.

Take the sponge, wet it in warm water if you expect reciprocity from the partner, of course, wring out. Between them, as a kind of filling sandwich, put a condom so that the open end is completely stuck outside. Put a sandwich in a glass preferably plastic for safe sex with the open end of the condom out and stretch the edges of the rubber product on the edges of the glass. In the resulting cozy hole fill lubricant.

Popcorn with a surprise

Not so much a sex toy as a starter. One should be careful and clearly understand the situation: not every girl will be glad to start a close acquaintance in this way. The charm of a young Mickey Rourke does not hurt here.

What you need: A bucket for popcorn, a toilet paper roll, a rubber glove, a scissors or a stationery knife. You already understood everything yourself. Make a round hole in the bottom of the bucket; insert the skeleton of toilet paper or toilet towels there. To heighten convenience, it is better to wrap the tube inside with a rubber glove. Disguise the trap with popcorn and call on the sofa to watch a nightmare.

Glove of love

A rubber glove is not only one of the main ingredients in the cookbook, but can serve the service in almost pure form. This is not the easiest device to perform, but with proper skill it will reward the home master with a decent volume.

What you need: 2-3 rubber gloves, stationery gum, scissors, and lubricant. Honestly, it’s better to follow the video instructions; the sequence of twisting the rubber base requires extreme concentration. But first, you need to put a rubber glove on your hand and on it another one and preferably another one on top, carefully tucking one into the other fingers. In the end, firmly fix the open ends of the gloves with rubber bands and make an incision on one of the fingers. With a little light work, a lightweight replica of the female pelvis comes out.

Vacuum mate

If all of the above constructors cause you to yawn, it’s time to take up the real work. Ultimately you get something more than a car for pleasure the real pride of the inventor.

What you need: A 50-mm polypropylene plumbing pipe, a transition joint 50 mm at one end and 32 mm at the other, a socket 32 ??mm, 5-mm bolt not yours, metal, a lock nut to it, a pair of rubber gaskets and a sanitary washer 5–8 mm in diameter, a bicycle wheel chamber 26 x 2.5. Pay attention to the nipples.

Gift for girlfriend

Of course, if a girl really loves handy tools, then she already has it. And if not, then she always knows how to replace him. However, a gift made by hand is the best gift. Despite the ingeniously simple form, there are quite a few ways to get a copy of the phallus: from a completely unviable ice specimen to a fragile wax version or even papier-mâché. But there is a classic too.It will take a large otherwise marker, a classic thick gasket, electrical tape, a condom.

Wrap a marker or any other suitable phallic object, first with a female gasket and then with a thick layer of electrical tape. Further, depending on the circumstances: some craftsmen cover the design with a layer of silicone or other plastic material and even paint, while others simply content themselves with a colored condom.

Where can one buy?

In the end, you still hardly get something sensible, but if you really want to please yourself or other hand-made products, welcome to heaven. Among other things, there is a nice section with sex toys.

The best male chastity devicecan be considered more of a gag than a real “lock”. As the name implies, this utensil is intended to prevent the intercourse of a man or a woman with another partner. Therefore, the design usually has a key and a locking system that can prevent the opening.

The chastity belt must be comfortable to wear under all circumstances. Therefore, the inner life should be padded accordingly. But it is also important that this can be removed and cleaned at any time, because the closed atmosphere is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it must be ensured that no pathogens can develop here.

A chastity belt must never be worn against the will of another person. It must be remembered that the use under duress, the offense of coercion, deprivation of liberty and personal injury can fulfill. Therefore, such an approach should be desired by both partners. Huffington Post has a very informative article about this subject.

The 7 best chastity belts – comparison winner and price-performance winner. To get a quick overview of the best chastity belts, this guide should serve. Because it is despite the many tests, comparisons, reviews and recommendations, expert opinions not easy to find the right chastity belt which meets their own needs.

The chastity belt – From the past to the modern age

The chastity belt has a long history. Even in ancient Mesopotamia, especially the rulers use various lockable constructions to deny their chief wives the intercourse with other men. It was all about ensuring the succession, because the bloodline should be kept free of unwanted influences. Today, this utensil is more of an erotic character, because being touched only by one’s partner in the most intimate places has a thoroughly erotic appeal. However, there are some questions that need to be answered in advance to a purchase necessarily. So it is above all the legal situation that should be known. However, even the belt itself must meet some characteristics, so that an acquisition really comes into consideration.

Legal to the chastity belt

In fact, the chastity belt is subject to legal regulation. After all, it is a significant interference with physical freedom. So it is clear that the partner who is to wear the belt must necessarily agree with this approach. An application by force can fulfill the condition of coercion. In addition, a charge can be made for deprivation of liberty, because ultimately the accessibility to a part of the own body is restricted. An injury may also be considered if the application of the belt pressure points or other impairments occurs. Therefore, it is important to talk to the partner in advance about this wish. If he wakes up in the morning and finds himself trapped in such a belt,

Men and women

Chastity belts are available for both men and women. In women, the belts are usually a little smaller, but these are designed in the area of the hips but much more expansive. In men, there is a corresponding bulge for the genitals, so that no painful pressure can arise here. Perfect chastity device for alpha men. Chastity belts for women usually have a small opening that allows urinating. However, this is only the case for models that are intended for continuous use. In pure erotic instruments is usually dispensed with, because these are not used for days. Naturally, this opening is slightly larger for men.

The purchase of a chastity belt – these are the key points

Buying a chastity belt is basically just buying any other product. It comes as always on the quality and also many other small factors must be correct, so that the use does not end in a fiasco. If you’re looking for a place to buy quality male chastity devices, then you can go to

Note the fit

For a chastity belt, it is important to pay attention to the correct fit. This means that the belt must not press on the hips and no tensions may arise in the area of the intimate zones. This can be quite uncomfortable with the sensitive skin, so the belt is best tried on to determine the perfect fit. It also plays a role, whether the belt is worn with or without underwear. If the former is the case, a special padding must be used, which is especially important for women to avoid unpleasant rubbing. The fabric should be very soft and produce a pleasant feeling on the skin. Otherwise, it is not recommended to use the belt for a long time.

Hygienic conditions

The inner life of the belt should be removed in any case, to give this after use in the laundry. Otherwise, bacteria can form here, which in the worst case lead to rashes and itching on the skin. Recommended may be recommended in this regard nylon or fine-grained cotton. The latter, however, can be more difficult to clean, because the cotton may only be washed at low temperatures.

Locking system and keys

Most chastity belts come with a simple locking system. This has nothing to do with a quality defect, but should ensure that the belt can be opened even when losing the original key yet. Therefore, it will hardly be possible to find a model with a special security lock. The locking system usually consists of a simple latch, which engages in the opening provided for this purpose. However, there are also models that can be padlocked. It is important to make sure that the keys to this are never lost. In addition, a key should always be within reach of the using partner, so that the belt can be opened immediately in case of emergency.

In other circumstances

In no case should a chastity belt be used when the menstrual period is in the room. Here it can happen that the inner life of the belt cannot be cleaned in retrospect. Especially on models that are padded with cotton, this can be difficult. It should be noted that such a belt is not just a toy, but depending on the make can also be perceived as a real limitation.

Advantages and disadvantages

A chastity belt today may have primarily an erotic character. Nevertheless, its advantages and disadvantages should not be disregarded in this context. What makes such a belt so special and where are the definite weaknesses? What are the chastity devices for porn addiction?

Chastity Belt Tests & More Reports

Useful Links – Many portals compare the specifications of chastity belts and call it a test, but the products are rarely really tested. So our comparison is by no means a test. We try to use this editorial list to distinguish the supposed tests from the real test reports – and to display the helpful, neutral and objective tests, information, discussions and reports on the chastity belt.

The Kegel exercises are muscle strengthening pelvic floor exercises which involve contract and relax the pelvic muscles. They are particularly effective in women, more exposed to incontinence after pregnancy.  So if you doubt that are kegel exercises safe then you should consult your gynecologist to get the proper answer according to your health. Moreover, you can go to to read more about the safety of kegel exercises.

Against incontinence, contract your pelvic muscles

The urinary incontinence is a very common condition that most often affects the elderly and women, but not only. Men are not spared, while young women, sports in particular, can also suffer. However, the subject remains largely taboo. Alongside the fact encourage those concerned to consult quickly, whether to recommend that prevention is to maintain her perineum and even strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, often released after a first pregnancy, or even before if necessary. In this area, the realization of Kegel exercises is recommended.

Very effective in women after childbirth or in older women who suffer from stress or urge incontinence, they are also recommended for men, especially after removal of the prostate.

Kegel exercises in practice

Contract the muscles used to hold the urine and hold this contraction for 10 seconds. Release for 10 seconds before exercise, 10 to 20 times. Be careful not to contract the muscles of the perineum: do not contract the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. Mayo Clinic has published an article providing more detail about these exercises.

Quick version exercises:

Contract then relax the pelvic floor muscles as fast as possible for one minute. The Kegel exercises should be done at least 3 times a day (or even 5 times a day). They can be practiced while lying down, sitting or standing.

If it is difficult to identify the muscles to be contracted, you can perform the exercise by inserting a finger into the vagina to verify that you feel the contraction on the finger. Muscle strength usually improves in 2 to 3 months. From 40% to 75% of the women who use it notice an improvement in their urinary control.

Change the correct placement of the uterus of concern to many modern women. The problem is so acute that it was necessary to seek ways to solve it. One of them is the Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises – one of the most effective types of intimate gymnastics. It’s a way to get rid of such common female problems such as incontinence and prolapse of internal genital organs. You can learn these simple exercises at home. It is important to strictly adhere to the instructions to the exercises.

Kegel exercises: readings trouble urinating and defecating;

To improve the blood supply to the genitals; the problems associated with achieving orgasm; to prepare pregnant women for childbirth; to exercise the muscles relax during childbirth. This will allow the child to be born soon; to restore a stretched vaginal muscles and tissue tears after childbirth; for prevention of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs; to maintain sexual health; Uterine prolapse.

Kegel Exercises for Women

Uterine prolapse can occur in any woman giving birth, as well as those who are engaged in heavy physical labor or suffering from constipation. To prevent uterine prolapse, it is necessary during pregnancy to perform Kegel exercises. Despite the fact that the exercises are completely safe, before executing them you should consult with a gynecologist, since this method has its contraindications.

There is a set of exercises designed gynecologist Alfred Kegel. Many of them can be carried out independently at home.

  • Lie on the floor; lift your legs at a slight degree to the floor use a normal pillow to support the weight of the legs. Gradually begin to raise the pelvis. If you do not feel when lifting pain, you can increase the amplitude.
  • Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and tightly put them on the floor shoulder-width apart. In this position, lift the pelvis. Watch out for the feeling it allows you to select the optimal load for you.
  • Lie on the floor. Place both hands on the lower abdomen, gradually pushing, lift your hands up. Repeat several times.
  • Compression sphincter. During this exercise, you should do the same as if trying to hold back urine. It can be performed at anytime, anywhere.
  • The most effective method, if done during the actual urination.

Involvement of the lower pelvic muscles

Try to tighten the lower abdomen to the diaphragm. Observe the rhythm of this effort. Imitation attempts. Try to do the exercises for the uterus pushing. Do not be afraid, you do not harm your body. Lightly squeeze the muscles of the perineum. Not relaxed, hold them in this position for about 5 seconds, then squeeze the muscles stronger and hold them again 5 seconds. Do the exercise for as long as you get tired.

Cyclically relax and squeeze the anus. It also affects the muscles of the pelvis. The first course of exercises includes 10 daily. At day 4 can perform approach gradually increasing quantity to 7.

This is a great way to get rid of many problems with women’s health. Remember that before you begin to engage in this system, you need to consult a gynecologist, who will give you the necessary recommendations. Stay healthy!

How to use vaginal balls

Before the introduction of the beads and / or vaginal walls lubricant should be applied. Those who do it for the first time, it is better to enter the balls in the supine position, but generally it is suitable for any convenient for you personally posture.

Get up, walk around, and try to sit down, get up quickly, jump and run in place, holding the muscles of the vagina balls. The first few times it is recommended to use vaginal balls at home, and no more than fifteen minutes. If you get used to them, you can start walking to work with beads, to the gym, for shopping, and so on, holding them for several hours. Some women include vaginal muscles balls throughout the day – over time it becomes a habit, and does not cause discomfort.

After removing the beads vaginal wash them with soap and warm water. It is also recommended to wash them before each reuse. Keep them in their original packaging, in a dry and cool place.

Additional recommendations:

Do not leave the vaginal balls out of the house until you feel that your muscles become strong enough for that – otherwise there is a good chance to get into an awkward situation.

Budding hardest contain vaginal metal and glass beads. Therefore, if until now you have not performed Kegel exercises more or less regularly, better to start with the balls of plastic or silicone.

Due lubricant vaginal balls are not only easier inserted into the vagina, but also easier to fall out, so it is better not to abuse lubricants.

Do not panic if you can not immediately obtain vaginal balls. They cannot get lost in your body, so just relax, sit down, if necessary, use a little lubricant – balls necessarily come out. However, it is recommended not to use kegel balls in the dark. It also equally applies to using yoni eggs. Otherwise, you’ll be using eggs awkwardly.

If, after using vaginal balls you have any signs of irritation of the vagina or external genitalia, unusual discharge fluid in women when there is cause for concern or any other problems stop using the balls as quickly as possible and contact your doctor.

A sex toys to be sure as anal toys must have a very important feature: having a wider base than the larger diameter of the toys, in this way the widest part remains outside the anal sphincter.

The rectum, unlike the vagina, does not have an end and it could happen that improvised objects vegetables, bottles of creams or shampoos, bottles and much more or unsuitable sex toys can slip inside the sphincter and cannot be easily recovered.

There are many different models of anal toys based on the sensations you want to feel or on the level of experience. To start, you can use the anal beads and the smaller butt plugs. These games have the characteristic of small diameters and a gradual increase in diameter. Once you start using them, you will realize that loveplugs can really spice up your sex life. Using butt plugs regardless of age can be very fun. As they say, age is just a number, live your life the way you want it.

The anal balls can also give an intense and very pleasant stimulation when they are pulled out and you can decide how far to insert them both for the diameter and for the depth of penetration. How does a butt plug feel like? Let’s find out the answer.

The butt plugs or anal plugs.

There are many shapes and sizes on the market, from the smaller ones like that of 50 shades of gray that is particularly recommended for the first approaches, to those more sophisticated like that of Dorcel that has both different vibration programs and a suction cup to keep it locked , during use, to a smooth surface. The butt plugs have a shape designed to remain inserted in the anus: they are shorter than the dildos and have a base that prevents them being sucked into the anal sphincter but at the same time leaves them there, stuck in the anus. The bulb or wedge that is inserted can have various shapes, the classic is shaped like a bulb or pointed lanceolate, while those designed for intense and special stimulations have a contoured profile that accentuates stimulation during insertion and extraction . Smaller bulb-shaped butt plugs can sometimes contain an oscillating ball on the inside that slamming against the walls increases stimulation.

These can be used during foreplay like during intercourse to accentuate feelings of pleasure and orgasms.

More intense stimulations can be had with the anal plugs that vibrate: the vibrations in fact extend following the muscles of the perineum and reach the muscles that in the woman embrace the clitoris bulbs and in the man the roots of the penis.

Anal sex toys

The anal toys designed to stimulate the prostate have a very pronounced curved shape or a bulb shape that aims precisely to go and massage the prostate internally and often have an external part that goes to massage the L or male perineum at the same time. They are both as a butt plug to leave inserted and as a dildo of various sizes for a manual stimulation. has a very informative article about butt plugs that is a must-read for beginners.

The most common anal vibrators have two vibrating ends: a longer one used for anal penetration and a shorter arm that resembles the shape of a rabbit vibrator, hence a double stimulation. The shorter arm is to massage and to vibrate on the perineum, feminine or masculine. Some of these vibrating anal sex toys have the ability to move the largest arm so that it goes just to massage the most sensitive and therefore most pleasant areas.

In addition to the vibrators there are also anal dildos, the latter do not vibrate and serve only for penetration. Those most suited to anal penetration usually have a smaller diameter than a classic vaginal dildo and are smoother, may be straight or have particular curves, for example to stimulate the prostate with pegging, or the penetration of the man by of the woman with an anal sex toys. They can be used bare-handed or wearing the strap on. Among the anal dildos there are also strapless, dildos to wear without harness, both for men and for women. Those worn by men are anchored to the penis and the testicles and allow a double penetration, vaginal and anal.

Those for women, also called feldoes are used by inserting them into the vagina where they remain fixed, while the outer part is used to penetrate, the Share signed Fun Factory is one of the best models for anal penetration for smooth and thin lines.

Whatever the model, the size and type of anal sex toys you choose remember to always use a good lubricant, preferably silicone based and produced specifically for anal penetration: they are longer and more slippery.

That of wearing, if you can say so, an anal plug out of intimacy, whether it is a fantasy or a desire realized, is still a very common desire. Walking on the street, going shopping or at the office, are the classic situations that, thanks to the use of this sexy toy, can become really sensual. Hiding this intimate fact, overcome the initial bother, is a very exciting game to do with the partner. Many women begin to use anal plugs to dilate the walls of the anus, especially in order to have less painful anal intercourse. The anal plug, if used in the right way and in the right size, rather than dilating the way to anal penetration, helps to get used to and get comfortable with the pleasure of having something back there.

Walking with an anal plug is a really exciting game that requires a minimum of preparation. The choice of the sexy toy is fundamental, not so much in terms of brand or style, but we must pay attention to the measures. Maybe not everyone knows that anal plugs have sizes. It goes without saying that those who are not used to anal relationships or games with the b-side, for the first steps will have to wear a small-sized plug. The same applies to the time when the anal plug is worn. So let’s say that moderation is the word to use for those who want to start walking, hiding an exciting secret. We must also consider the fact that before going out, you will have to do some tests, because the movements may not be too fluid!

Give warnings and general indications; let’s see what is so provocative to get out of the intimacy with a plug inserted into the anus. First of all, the idea of concealing a secret is very exciting, it’s exciting how to go out without wearing the briefs , with the added value that the excitement is not only mental but is amplified by the real feeling of having something that penetrates us. Also the fear and the desire to be discovered are fun. Play to keep slower pace alternating with slower steps, amplify bending, perhaps choosing, at the supermarket, just the product in the lower or higher shelf, will give new, very exciting and new sensations. The smug smile that will appear on your face in spite of yourself could be mistaken for the satisfaction of having you grab the offer of the day!