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Exercises That Will Help Improve Your Sex Life

December 21, 2019

Can you make sex better by working out, and what are the best kinds of exercises for improving your sex life? Well, exercise can benefit you in many ways, but you may not have known that a short cardio or weightlifting session can turn you into a true powerhouse in bed. Keep reading to learn more about the best exercises for better sex!

Get Fit for Better Sexual Performance

For starters, sex is an activity that can wear you out physically. The reward of a thunderous orgasm can quickly be followed by awkward muscle strain and back pains. It’s true that sex can help you burn some calories, but you should never use it as your sole source of exercise. Regular exercise and training can truly work wonders for your health, but it can also improve many aspects of your sex life.

So what sort of exercises are the best for sex, and how can they benefit you? Well, strength and stamina training, along with some other sex exercises like Kegels, can improve your performance, make sex feel much better, and help you feel good about yourself. Those are just some of the benefits that you can get in return for an hour in the gym or by exercising outdoors.

Stamina Is a Key Factor

If you want to exercise to improve your sex life, stamina is the magic word. It can allow men and women to last longer and make the experience much more intense. Stamina refers to your ability to endure demanding physical as well as mental effort. It refers to muscle strength, endurance, and physical constitution. High stamina also allows individuals to minimize fatigue and tiredness, which are some key culprits of inactive sex lives.

With regular cardio/aerobic exercises, you can boost your stamina levels. That can increase your agility in bed, and you will be able to experiment with various unique sexual positions much easier. Being physically active will also put you in touch with your body. This can minimize risks of injury during sexual activities.

Frequent cardio exercises, like running or swimming, will also enable you to shed some weight and get a leaner physique. That way, they can also change your sexual confidence and the way you feel about your body. Most importantly, exercises that build your stamina can also improve your blood flow. Active and healthy blood flow can make sex more pleasurable for men and women. It will also improve sexual function. That means it can increase the sensitivity of the sexual organs and make you respond to stimulation with greater intensity.

Core Exercises and Weights

Aside from cardio, core exercises can also turn you into a champion in the bedroom. For men, strength training plays a key role since it fuels the production of testosterone. This hormone plays a crucial role in the male sex drive. Even short bursts of intense core exercises can rapidly boost testosterone and increase sexual desire.

What’s more, exercise physiologists recommend core exercises like crunches and push-ups for men as well as women. These exercises can burn calories while building some essential muscles that are required for sex. Therefore, lifting weights and doing exercises like planking will result in a firm posture. It will allow you to endure strenuous sex positions for a long time.

Even the most basic positions like doggy-style, missionary, or reverse cowgirl require a fair amount of physical strain. With high stamina and strong muscles, you will be able to handle basic and advanced positions like the piledriver. So it may be time to hit the gym and try some bicep, chest, and shoulder exercises with weights. Also, you shouldn’t neglect your lower body during strength training. Some of the best exercises that can lead to better sex are squats, lunges, side leg lifts, and glute bridges. Ideally, you can combine cardio with strength training during each session at the gym.

Kegel Exercises for Men and Women

You could also consider some Kegel exercises during your sex workout. Pelvic floor exercises can benefit women and men. They usually require you to contract the muscles within your pelvic floor. These exercises are not demanding, and anyone can do them several times a day. Usually, you’ll be able to feel the effect of these exercises within one or two months.

However, there are subtle differences regarding the effects of Kegels on women and men. This is because the pelvic muscles have different functions in males and females. For men, Kegels can strengthen the perineal muscles. These muscles play a key role in erections and ejaculations. With frequent Kegel exercises, men can train those muscles and ultimately get more control of their penis. Strong perineal muscles can prevent involuntary contractions that can cause you to ejaculate too quickly. With Kegels, men could last longer in bed, and there’s even a chance that they could experience stronger orgasms with increased amounts of ejaculate.

For women, Kegels can strengthen the pelvic muscles. This can improve the circulation while making the vaginal muscles stronger and tighter. Kegels can lead to higher sexual arousal levels, and they can also boost your natural lubrication or wetness. All of that combined will make penetration feel much better for you and your partner. What’s more, women who are struggling with their orgasms are strongly advised to try Kegel exercises. They can speed up and intensify the female orgasm.

Yoga for Flexibility

Aside from cardio training, strength exercises, and Kegels, you can also try yoga. Yoga can improve your focus and your connection to yourself. It can bring you closer to understanding your body, and it will make your mind more active. Also, it can teach you to control your impulses. All of this is required for good sex, and it can create a powerful synergy between two people.

Additionally, yoga is also a physically exhausting activity. Many of its poses can build your posture. They can increase your flexibility and endurance. Much like strength training, yoga can improve your endurance when it comes to all kinds of sex positions. In fact, you could even use yoga poses to freshen up your sex life. Just look up the Cat or Cow Pose, and they’ll instantly inspire you to try some intense and deep penetration! You could also practice with poses like the Happy Baby, Bridge Pose, the Cobra, and of course, the Downward Facing Dog. Some of the best yoga poses will also improve the pelvic floor muscles in a similar fashion to Kegels.

Improve Quality of Life

There are many goals that can motivate you to lead a healthier life, and sex is certainly one of them. However, you should also strive to exercise and stick to a good diet as a way to improve your general wellbeing and quality of life. Exercising several times a week will help you stay healthy. It will minimize the risks of fatigue and chronic diseases while also boosting your immunity.

Moreover, exercise is a natural mood-booster that can give you a positive outlook on life. It can increase your serotonin levels to keep you happier and improve your focus. Best of all, exercises can sculpt your body and make you look smoking hot! As we’ve said earlier, this will make you physically attractive, and it will also boost your body image and self-confidence.

Key Takeaways

If you think about it, exercising has too many benefits to list, and you literally have nothing to lose by dedicating an hour or two each week to some cardio, strength training, Kegels, or yoga. Plus, if you’re dedicated, some of the activities we’ve mentioned will truly turn you into a hot and wild sex machine! So it’s time to break a sweat and try some of our recommended exercises! Good luck!

Author: beautifulleopard215