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Why Is It Important To Keep Your Prostate Healthy?

August 7, 2019

The Importance of Prostate Health Among Men

There are many reasons why doctors keep warning men about prostate health risks — the risks for prostate cancer among older men are high! Besides, symptoms don’t have to be that obvious. That means you can fail to detect the problem in time!

But there are other prostate health issues men of any age can face. It doesn’t even have to be that severe like cancer, but you should still get treatment!

After all, prostate health issues can cause serious problems, such as erectile dysfunction and painful urination. And these problems can damage not only your reproductive system but also the way you see yourself as a man.

So, obtaining and maintaining your prostate health is essential. The first step you should take is to keep yourself informed about the potential risks and measures to take to avoid them. That way you can detect the problem and visit a doctor in time.

Here’s what you need to know about the prostate’s location, the role it plays in your reproductive system, and the things you can do to keep it healthy.

What and Where Is the Prostate Gland Located?

The prostate gland makes part of the male reproductive system and has a vital job to do. The word “prostate” itself refers to something that guards or protects. And when you take a look at its location — between the bladder, penis, and rectum — you’ll understand that it plays an essential role in keeping male reproductive system and urinary tract functional.

Moreover, it helps the production and ejaculation of your semen. For those reasons, it’s imperative to keep the prostate healthy. Any health issue that occurs in this area can disrupt your overall health, and not to mention that it will negatively affect your sex life!

What Are the Health Risks Associated With the Prostate Gland?

First of all, there’s always a risk of inflammation. And the prostate, just like other parts of your body, can get infected — this is called prostatitis. Men of all ages can get it, and it causes painful urination and ejaculation and similar difficulties.

Different things can cause inflammation of the prostate. If this problem has nothing to do with bacteria infection and is chronic, the treatment may become a bit difficult. But this doesn’t mean you should be worried — in most cases, you can easily treat and cure prostatitis with antibiotics.

The other common prostate problem, but mostly in older men, is BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). This condition causes the prostate gland to grow big and affect the way your bladder works. A typical symptom of an enlarged prostate are difficulties with urination.

BPH isn’t a severe health issue. However, the symptoms are similar to those of prostate cancer, which is a widespread and severe health problem that affects many older males. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pay your doctor visit as soon as you detect some of these prostate health issues.

Prostate Massage Therapy

Luckily, you can take precautionary measures to avoid prostate health issues. For example, a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables can help you out. But there’s one way to diminish risks of prostate health problems that’s more pleasurable than eating kale — prostate massage therapy!

That doesn’t mean that a massage will cure an enlarged prostate gland or cancer. However, it’s perfect for your prostate health. It can even help you when you’re struggling with bladder control and erectile dysfunction. And not to mention prostate massage feels very pleasurable!

Prostate Massage for Sexual Pleasure

The stimulation of the prostate is something most men would enjoy a lot. At the same time, it sounds intimidating and disgusting to many of them. The reason for that is that you can reach your prostate only through the rectum.

But the thing is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with anal play, no matter if you’re a man or a woman. As we pointed out, it’s not just pleasurable, but also beneficial for your health!

So, this spot hidden inside your anus is an amazing erogenous zone to explore. By stimulating it, you can even achieve a prostate orgasm, which is much more powerful than the ordinary one.

Here are some tips on how to start your exploration of anal pleasure!

Anal Pleasure for Men

So, you don’t need to look at anal sex and play as something only gay men get to enjoy. Everyone should feel free to try reaching higher levels of sexual pleasure, no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

And you don’t need much to start — you can just use your fingers! But some sex toys can provide you with the most fantastic prostate massage — butt plugs for men! These toys are usually curved in a way that makes it easy for you to reach your prostate. Also, they vibrate, so you don’t have much work to do.

However, if it’s your first time, prostate therapy massage may cause a bit of discomfort. That doesn’t mean you should stop right away — this feeling usually goes away with time. But in case it hurts a lot, you definitely need to pay a visit to a doctor!

Before you start, it’s a good idea to use the bathroom first and to take a shower. Also, water-based lube is a must. And your toys, if you’re using any, have to be clean!

And don’t forget that reaching a prostate orgasm takes time. It’s highly unlikely you’ll manage to achieve it right away. Your body needs time to get used to the new sensation! So, be persistent and take baby steps.

Eventually, you’ll have an amazing sexual experience, crazy orgasms, and health benefits — all at the same time!

Author: beautifulleopard215