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Six Reasons Why Sex Is The Best Exercise

October 26, 2018

Have you ever introduced toys into the bedroom to spice things up? Cricketer Andrew Flintoff has – although his toy of choice is a little bit more left-field than usual.

In the new Channel 4 show Married To A Celebrity: The Survival Guide, Flintoff revealed that he wears a Fitbit activity tracker during sex to encourage him to “work a bit harder to impress his wife.” His wife Rachel seemed far from impressed, however, describing his coital monitoring as “weird” and “really wrong.”

Sorry Rachel, but we’re with Freddie on this one. Research has proven that we burn 3.6 calories per minute during sex – more than during a brisk walk. And there are a range of other health benefits that come from sex, as we reveal below.

So stop slogging and start snogging (your legitimate partner – no naughty affairs please).

Reduces stress

According to a small study of 46 men and women, stressful activities such as public speaking caused more stress to people who had not recently had sex.

Getting frisky between the sheets has been found to lower your cortisol levels, which is also known as the stress hormone. Even a hug boosts our oxytocin levels and makes us feel more calm.

The movement and opening of the hips can also release stress and tension stored in the psoas – one of the major muscles around your pelvis. This muscle doesn’t really get stretched much, unless you’re crazy for yoga.

Fewer sick days

Fear of a common cold is the bane of every office workers life. So rejoice, because sex can actually help you keep your immune system ticking over.

A report from Wilkes University, showed that having sex once or twice a week is linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which can protect you from getting colds.

Lessens chance of prostate cancer

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who averaged 4.6 to 7 ejaculations a week were 36 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 70 than men who ejaculated less than 2.3 times a week on average.

No jokes about happy endings, please.

Live longer

In the early 1980s, researchers surveyed the sexual frequency of 918 healthy male, middle-aged villagers in Caerphilly, Wales. They checked back on the Welshmen ten years later, and found that compared with men who had had sex just once a month, those who reported having it twice a week had half the death rate.

Ease headaches

Matters of the heart can oft cause a headache or two. Should I swipe right or left? To ghost or not to ghost? But, while you are doing the deed you may find these headaches improve. A 2013 study, asked 1,000 patients if their migraine improved during sex, with 60 per cent reporting an improvement. So next time you’ve got a sore head, don’t reach for the medicine cabinet, go for the bedpost.

Sleep better

It makes sense that less stress results in less tossing and turning (of the sleep variety) at bedtime. But more specifically having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which is linked with deep sleep. And it gets even better for women, as sex boosts estrogen levels, which results in a better quality deep sleep – which opens up the door to whole load more health benefits, such as keeping your figure trim.

Author: beautifulleopard215