How Long Can You Use a Butt Plug without Experiencing Side-effects?

December 13, 2018

A sex toys to be sure as anal toys must have a very important feature: having a wider base than the larger diameter of the toys, in this way the widest part remains outside the anal sphincter.

The rectum, unlike the vagina, does not have an end and it could happen that improvised objects vegetables, bottles of creams or shampoos, bottles and much more or unsuitable sex toys can slip inside the sphincter and cannot be easily recovered.

There are many different models of anal toys based on the sensations you want to feel or on the level of experience. To start, you can use the anal beads and the smaller butt plugs. These games have the characteristic of small diameters and a gradual increase in diameter. Once you start using them, you will realize that loveplugs can really spice up your sex life. Using butt plugs regardless of age can be very fun. As they say, age is just a number, live your life the way you want it.

The anal balls can also give an intense and very pleasant stimulation when they are pulled out and you can decide how far to insert them both for the diameter and for the depth of penetration. How does a butt plug feel like? Let’s find out the answer.

The butt plugs or anal plugs.

There are many shapes and sizes on the market, from the smaller ones like that of 50 shades of gray that is particularly recommended for the first approaches, to those more sophisticated like that of Dorcel that has both different vibration programs and a suction cup to keep it locked , during use, to a smooth surface. The butt plugs have a shape designed to remain inserted in the anus: they are shorter than the dildos and have a base that prevents them being sucked into the anal sphincter but at the same time leaves them there, stuck in the anus. The bulb or wedge that is inserted can have various shapes, the classic is shaped like a bulb or pointed lanceolate, while those designed for intense and special stimulations have a contoured profile that accentuates stimulation during insertion and extraction . Smaller bulb-shaped butt plugs can sometimes contain an oscillating ball on the inside that slamming against the walls increases stimulation.

These can be used during foreplay like during intercourse to accentuate feelings of pleasure and orgasms.

More intense stimulations can be had with the anal plugs that vibrate: the vibrations in fact extend following the muscles of the perineum and reach the muscles that in the woman embrace the clitoris bulbs and in the man the roots of the penis.

Anal sex toys

The anal toys designed to stimulate the prostate have a very pronounced curved shape or a bulb shape that aims precisely to go and massage the prostate internally and often have an external part that goes to massage the L or male perineum at the same time. They are both as a butt plug to leave inserted and as a dildo of various sizes for a manual stimulation. has a very informative article about butt plugs that is a must-read for beginners.

The most common anal vibrators have two vibrating ends: a longer one used for anal penetration and a shorter arm that resembles the shape of a rabbit vibrator, hence a double stimulation. The shorter arm is to massage and to vibrate on the perineum, feminine or masculine. Some of these vibrating anal sex toys have the ability to move the largest arm so that it goes just to massage the most sensitive and therefore most pleasant areas.

In addition to the vibrators there are also anal dildos, the latter do not vibrate and serve only for penetration. Those most suited to anal penetration usually have a smaller diameter than a classic vaginal dildo and are smoother, may be straight or have particular curves, for example to stimulate the prostate with pegging, or the penetration of the man by of the woman with an anal sex toys. They can be used bare-handed or wearing the strap on. Among the anal dildos there are also strapless, dildos to wear without harness, both for men and for women. Those worn by men are anchored to the penis and the testicles and allow a double penetration, vaginal and anal.

Those for women, also called feldoes are used by inserting them into the vagina where they remain fixed, while the outer part is used to penetrate, the Share signed Fun Factory is one of the best models for anal penetration for smooth and thin lines.

Whatever the model, the size and type of anal sex toys you choose remember to always use a good lubricant, preferably silicone based and produced specifically for anal penetration: they are longer and more slippery.

That of wearing, if you can say so, an anal plug out of intimacy, whether it is a fantasy or a desire realized, is still a very common desire. Walking on the street, going shopping or at the office, are the classic situations that, thanks to the use of this sexy toy, can become really sensual. Hiding this intimate fact, overcome the initial bother, is a very exciting game to do with the partner. Many women begin to use anal plugs to dilate the walls of the anus, especially in order to have less painful anal intercourse. The anal plug, if used in the right way and in the right size, rather than dilating the way to anal penetration, helps to get used to and get comfortable with the pleasure of having something back there.

Walking with an anal plug is a really exciting game that requires a minimum of preparation. The choice of the sexy toy is fundamental, not so much in terms of brand or style, but we must pay attention to the measures. Maybe not everyone knows that anal plugs have sizes. It goes without saying that those who are not used to anal relationships or games with the b-side, for the first steps will have to wear a small-sized plug. The same applies to the time when the anal plug is worn. So let’s say that moderation is the word to use for those who want to start walking, hiding an exciting secret. We must also consider the fact that before going out, you will have to do some tests, because the movements may not be too fluid!

Give warnings and general indications; let’s see what is so provocative to get out of the intimacy with a plug inserted into the anus. First of all, the idea of concealing a secret is very exciting, it’s exciting how to go out without wearing the briefs , with the added value that the excitement is not only mental but is amplified by the real feeling of having something that penetrates us. Also the fear and the desire to be discovered are fun. Play to keep slower pace alternating with slower steps, amplify bending, perhaps choosing, at the supermarket, just the product in the lower or higher shelf, will give new, very exciting and new sensations. The smug smile that will appear on your face in spite of yourself could be mistaken for the satisfaction of having you grab the offer of the day!


Author: beautifulleopard215