Safety Tips for Butt Plug Use

December 13, 2018

When we think about sex toys, most of us naturally think of a dildo. By just looking at it, it’s clear to everyone what dildos are for and how to use them. But what are butt plugs for? Many see a butt plug as a stepping stone to more advanced anal play. Although it doesn’t necessarily need to evolve any further, anal plugs are excellent to start your exploration into the unknown.You can use butt plugs regardless of age or whenever you are ready for anal play.

Out of all anal toys, the plug is probably the best way to get your body (primarily your butt) accustomed to something new. But, as always, you need to be careful when wearing a butt plug for sexual pleasure. If you don’t do it correctly, you can cause damage to your anal canal. That’s why we’ll now discuss butt plug safety. First of all, let’s check out which butt plug you should go for!

Choose the Right Size and Design

Butt plugs, like other sex toys, are often regarded as a novelty item instead of an apparatus, if you will. Consequently, there’s no proper regulation when it comes to its design and results. However, butt plugs do have a somewhat unified design. It starts off with a tapered tip that can slowly and harmlessly enter one’s nether region. As it goes on, it spreads spherically into a bulb to widen your canal and offer intense penetration. Afterward, it thins out by the neck of it to allow your sphincters (muscles around our ani) to relax. Remember — what makes penetration difficult at first is your sphincters. You need to slowly train them into shape for easier and more pleasurable penetration.

Finally, the plug finishes off with a flared base so that you can pull it out easier without worrying about it getting lost in the Forbidden Forest. After that, it’s all about customization. People who are into that kind of roleplay can buy tail plugs and purr their way into orgasm. There are also vibrator butt plugs for more pleasure.

As for the size of this toy, don’t be a size queen — at least not at first. Normally, when you buy butt plugs, you buy a whole set. Those kinds of anal starter kits usually contain plugs of different sizes. Start off with the one that looks too small. As we’ve said, you need to get your anal muscles to relax and accept what you’re doing to them. Gradually, you can build your way up to the biggest one, and, if you’re up for it, move on to dildos.

Non-Porous Materials

When it comes to materials, there are two major groups: porous and non-porous ones. As our heading suggests, we highly recommend you pick butt plugs made out of non-porous materials. There’s one simple reason for it: they are easier to clean. Non-porous materials include glass, stainless steel, and silicone. With them, you don’t have to worry about bacteria getting inside the toy and lingering about for days. Non-porous materials are more body-safe, as you can submerge them into hot water to sterilize them. After that, just simply clean your plug with soap and water, stash it into a bag, and it’s ready for another go!

NB: If you’re using a silicone toy, make sure that it’s made out of high-quality silicone just like what is being offered by loveplugs before putting it into hot water. Otherwise, it can crack, and you’ll have to buy a new one. Also, silicone doesn’t go well with silicone, so you won’t be able to use silicone-based lube. 

Butt Plugs With Pointed Tips

Remember what we said about design regulations? Yeah, that is where it shows the most. The tip of your butt plug is perhaps the most critical segment of it (together with the flared base). The tip has to be tapered, not pointed. As we’ve already said, to practice safe anal sex (which is the best anal sex), you need to ease yourself into it. Or, better yet, ease the toy into yourself. That’s why pointed tips can be very misleading.

While they are easier to get in, as the drop-off is smaller, they’re also more dangerous. You won’t struggle as much to get it in, and, as a result, you won’t fully understand what’s going on. For instance, if you sit on it, the pointy end could rupture your anal canal, which means you’d have to immediately seek medical attention. Tapered tips go in more slowly. Your body will need more time to accept them, but you’ll be doing it the right way.

Lubricant Is Non-Negotiable

If you’re doing extensive research on the topic, you’ll notice that there’s virtually no article about butt plugs (and other anal toys) that doesn’t talk generously about lube. People often neglect lube, thinking they can do without it, which only gets them a ticket to the doctor’s. It’s simple: you just can’t do it without lube. Perhaps the best kind is out of silicone as it lasts longer than, say, oil-based lube. However, as we’ve said, if your toy is a silicone one, you need to opt for something different. We suggest you give water-based lube a shot.

When using butt plugs (or dildos or anal beads), apply lube both to the toy and to your butt. There’s never too much of it; there can only be too little. Lube as a product replaces natural lubrication that vaginas have. Without it, the penetration would be way too painful as your muscles won’t relax. On top of that, you could cause severe damage to yourself just because you were stubborn about lube. Don’t be: you should enjoy butt plugs, not injure yourself. In addition to this article, has a very informative article about butt plugs that is a must-read for beginners as well, so make sure to check them out.


Author: beautifulleopard215