Complete Kegel Balls Buying Guide for Beginners

December 14, 2018

Kegel or Ben Wa balls are sex toys any woman should own for more than one reason. For instance, these are perfect for doing Kegel exercises especially if you are suffering from incontinence after pregnancy. And strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will help you to reach stronger orgasms and improve your sex life.

Besides, wearing them is pleasurable for most. Therefore, Kegel balls are often used for solo play. Once you put them inside, you can use other toys, like a vibrator, and have an amazing sexual experience alone behind the closed door. No partner needed!

And if you like to challenge yourself and want to bring excitement to a new level, you can wear them outside. Vagina balls will lightly stimulate you every time you reach out to grab something, bend over, etc. So, imagine how fun it would be to wear them to the store! And no one will know what’s going on except you.

On top of that, Ben Wa balls can be really fun to use during foreplay or intercourse. Therefore, playing with this toy can help you and your partner to bring something new and exciting to your bedroom. These are especially fun to use during anal sex!

However, choosing the right set of Kegel balls for you can be a bit challenging. It’s crucial to find a toy that has the size and weight that fits you. And if you’re a novice, learning about the adequate types of Kegel balls for beginners won’t hurt. So, don’t rush to the sex shop just yet!

Choosing the Right Size and Weight 

When it comes to choosing the right Ben Wa balls for beginners, the most important factors are the size and the material. So, the huge ones made of stainless steel probably aren’t the best option. If you’re a novice, you should stick with silicone or plastic Kegel balls. 

Kegel balls that are too heavy for you may cause overexertion. For that reason, it’s important to take smaller steps when playing with this toy. In case you want to try something heavier, doing strengthening exercises may be a good idea. And for that purpose, you can use silicone or plastic Kegel balls.

So, once you have strengthened your vaginal muscles, you may consider buying metal or glass ones. These are obviously heavier and may provide you with more intense vaginal stimulation. But don’t forget that you shouldn’t feel pain or discomfort and that if you do, you should stop the action.

And having a certain amount of water-based lubricants is a must if you’re using Kegel balls. You should use it before you insert the toy and when you want to remove it. Also, the toy should be clean before use, as well as your hands.

The Difference Between Single and Double Kegel Ball Design 

Other than the size and weight of Kegel balls, one more important thing to consider when purchasing them is the design. In most cases, these toys consist of two balls connected with a string or a piece of plastic. 

However, there are also single-ball models. These are smaller and lighter, and if your pelvic floor is really weak, maybe you should consider buying them for a start. But there’s also a risk of a ball dropping out if it’s too light for you. 

So, in case you can barely take a small tampon inside, a single ball design will do for you. But in general, double Kegel ball design is probably a bit better solution. These will possibly stimulate you better and provide you with a more pleasurable experience.

Other than these two options, you also have Kegel sets that consist of more than two balls. These may be a bit too much for a beginner. But if it’s way too tempting for you, you can try them out once you get comfortable with wearing single or double ball designed ones.

Keep in mind that the material that connects a double ball set differs from toy to toy. Silicone and plastic are easy to clean while washing a string can be a bit tricky. For this purpose, always use warm water and antibacterial soap. 

And when it comes to any type of Kegel balls, no matter their design, it’s important to mention that you should use them strictly for vaginal stimulation and exercise. These toys aren’t made for anal play. In case you want a toy for that purpose, check out anal beads and butt plugs. 

How to Use Kegel Balls Safely?

Even though ben wa balls are pretty safe to use, nothing comes without risk. Using the ones that are too big and heavy for you can cause overexertion, pain, discomfort, and even tearing. Also, the surface of the toy must be spotless. So, before you put Kegel balls inside, make sure these are clean and undamaged. Make sure to also inform your partner 

You should be extra careful if you had vaginal surgery, if you’re recovering from pregnancy, or if you have an infection or any other type of health issue down there. In case you feel pain, and it doesn’t go away for a more extended period of time, you should seek a doctor’s assistance. 

In general, as long as you’re taking smaller steps, keeping your toys clean and using lube, you’re doing it right. The whole point is to relax and enjoy the sexual pleasure Kegel balls provide you with. So, don’t worry too much and have fun! If you want another source to prove that Kegel balls are safe, you can go to You can also browse through their collections and order right away.

Author: beautifulleopard215