Top 10 Male Chastity Devices That Are Worth The Money

December 22, 2018

The best male chastity devicecan be considered more of a gag than a real “lock”. As the name implies, this utensil is intended to prevent the intercourse of a man or a woman with another partner. Therefore, the design usually has a key and a locking system that can prevent the opening.

The chastity belt must be comfortable to wear under all circumstances. Therefore, the inner life should be padded accordingly. But it is also important that this can be removed and cleaned at any time, because the closed atmosphere is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it must be ensured that no pathogens can develop here.

A chastity belt must never be worn against the will of another person. It must be remembered that the use under duress, the offense of coercion, deprivation of liberty and personal injury can fulfill. Therefore, such an approach should be desired by both partners. Huffington Post has a very informative article about this subject.

The 7 best chastity belts – comparison winner and price-performance winner. To get a quick overview of the best chastity belts, this guide should serve. Because it is despite the many tests, comparisons, reviews and recommendations, expert opinions not easy to find the right chastity belt which meets their own needs.

The chastity belt – From the past to the modern age

The chastity belt has a long history. Even in ancient Mesopotamia, especially the rulers use various lockable constructions to deny their chief wives the intercourse with other men. It was all about ensuring the succession, because the bloodline should be kept free of unwanted influences. Today, this utensil is more of an erotic character, because being touched only by one’s partner in the most intimate places has a thoroughly erotic appeal. However, there are some questions that need to be answered in advance to a purchase necessarily. So it is above all the legal situation that should be known. However, even the belt itself must meet some characteristics, so that an acquisition really comes into consideration.

Legal to the chastity belt

In fact, the chastity belt is subject to legal regulation. After all, it is a significant interference with physical freedom. So it is clear that the partner who is to wear the belt must necessarily agree with this approach. An application by force can fulfill the condition of coercion. In addition, a charge can be made for deprivation of liberty, because ultimately the accessibility to a part of the own body is restricted. An injury may also be considered if the application of the belt pressure points or other impairments occurs. Therefore, it is important to talk to the partner in advance about this wish. If he wakes up in the morning and finds himself trapped in such a belt,

Men and women

Chastity belts are available for both men and women. Forwomen, the belts are usually a little smaller, but these are designed in the area of the hips but much more expansive. For men, there is a significantly larger size, so that no painful pressure can arise here. Perfect chastity device for alpha men. Chastity belts for women usually have a small opening that allows urinating. However, this is only the case for models that are intended for continuous use. In pure erotic instruments is usually dispensed with, because these are not used for days. Naturally, this opening is slightly larger for men.

The purchase of a chastity belt – these are the key points

Buying a chastity belt is basically just buying any other product. It comes as always on the quality and also many other small factors must be considered, so that the use does not end in a fiasco. If you’re looking for a place to buy quality male chastity devices, then you can go to

Note the fit

For a chastity belt, it is important to pay attention to the correct fit. This means that the belt must not press on the hips and no tensions may arise in the area of the intimate zones. This can be quite uncomfortable with the sensitive skin, so the belt is best tried on to determine the perfect fit. It also plays a role, whether the belt is worn with or without underwear. If the former is the case, a special padding must be used, which is especially important for women to avoid unpleasant rubbing. The fabric should be very soft and produce a pleasant feeling on the skin. Otherwise, it is not recommended to use the belt for a long time.

Hygienic conditions

The inner part of the belt should be removed in any case, to give this after use in the laundry. Otherwise, bacteria can form here, which in the worst case lead to rashes and itching on the skin. It’s recommended to use a padding made of nylon or fine-grain cotton. The latter, however, can be more difficult to clean, because the cotton may only be washed at low temperatures.

Locking system and keys

Most chastity belts come with a simple locking system. This has nothing to do with a quality defect, but should ensure that the belt can be opened even when losing the original key yet. Therefore, it will hardly be possible to find a model with a special security lock. The locking system usually consists of a simple latch, which engages in the opening provided for this purpose. However, there are also models that can be padlocked. It is important to make sure that the keys to this are never lost. In addition, a key should always be within reach of the using partner, so that the belt can be opened immediately in case of emergency.

In other circumstances

In no case should a chastity belt be used during menstrual period. Here, it can happen that the inner part of the belt cannot be cleaned in properly. Especially on models that are padded with cotton, this can be difficult. It should be noted that such a belt is not just a toy, but depending on the make can also be perceived as a real limitation.

Advantages and disadvantages

A chastity belt today may have primarily an erotic character. Nevertheless, its advantages and disadvantages should not be disregarded in this context. What makes such a belt so special and where are the definite weaknesses? What are the chastity devices for porn addiction?

Chastity Belt Tests & More Reports

Useful Links – Many portals compare the specifications of chastity belts and call it a test, but the products are rarely really tested. So our comparison is by no means a test. We try to use this editorial list to distinguish the supposed tests from the real test reports – and to display the helpful, neutral and objective tests, information, discussions and reports on the chastity belt.


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