A Guide to Urethral Play

December 28, 2018

There’s no easy way to say it, so we’re going to get right to the point. Urethral play is a sexual practice during which you insert a long thin object down your urethra. Well, it doesn’t have to be that long, but experts say the longer, the better.

If you didn’t run away already, you might be in for a treat because this type of kink offers one of the weirdest, most fascinating sensations you can experience. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt or pose a threat to your health. That is if you do it properly. That’s why we’ll do a full guide to urethral play for beginners to explain how it works and why it should be the next thing on your list!

For Urethral Virgins

Don’t get us wrong; we love butt plugs and strap-ons and all, but urethral play a.k.a. dick sounding is the ultimate pleasure. Not because the other stuff is lame but because this feeling is so unique that there are no adequate words to describe it.

That’s why we will go through the equipment, the process, and some personal experiences, so you will get a better picture. Once again, you will need to try urethral play to fully grasp how fantastic it is. Hopefully, this guide will inspire you.


Essentially, there are two types of sex toys that you can use for urethral play:

  1. Penis plugs
  2. Urethral sounds

When we say two types, we mean two types. There are no deviations from this rule, so don’t start thinking about cotton buds or thermometers. Trust us — some people actually thought that was a good idea.

It is crucial to use only the gear that was designed for this kind of play. Both urethral toys are made of surgical steel and have a particular design that will keep you safe from cuts, injuries, allergies, and infections. There is a silicone variant, but as a beginner, stick to stainless steel.

Penis Plugs

This toy is what we call a soft-core version. Most guys start with plugs and then move on to sounds. So, a penis plug is a steel rod, usually hollow, that you insert in the urethra in order to get sexual pleasure. These toys are shorter than sounds and seem less scary to beginners.

Urethral Sounds

This baby is the real deal. It is a rod that can vary in length and girth but should be long enough to reach all the way to your bladder. Sounding rods are not hollow, and they can be curvy or come with various add-ons.

We suggest for you to browse through a couple of penis plug images on the internet for you to grasp what they look like or you can Get yours now at Lustplugs.com.

The Procedure

We know it sounds medical, but many of us loved playing doctor when we were kids, so maybe that’s why we enjoy urethral sounding so much.

Anyway, the process is not too demanding. After applying some lube (never forget lubricant), simply spread the pee hole and slowly and gently insert the rod. You should use the lube both on the glans as well as the toy itself.

The key is to go nice and steady, without sudden moves. It doesn’t really matter if you are hard or not — the principle is the same. If you are lying down, gravity will do part of the work for you.

Always rely on the way it feels to assess how deep you should go. It won’t be too deep in the beginning, though some guys want it all the way immediately. Just go as deep as comfortable. Remember — if it starts to hurt or becomes too uncomfortable, just stop. Take the rod out and start again.

Stay Safe

We are all about safety, so this is the perfect time to present some instructions you should follow. 

  1. Always use surgical steel sounds. They are body-safe and easy to sterilize. Silicone may sound like a better idea, but it is challenging to keep it as clean as it needs to be. Never ever use plastic or glass.
  2. The rods have to be sterile. The best way to sterilize these toys is in boiling water, so don’t be lazy and cook those bad boys properly!
  3. Lube is obligatory. And not just any lube. Make sure you use the ones designed for urethral insertion. They are glycerin-free, which is crucial in avoiding the risk of urinary tract infections.
  4. No heavy play. Cock stuffing is a gentle action, so avoid pushing, pulling, or brute-forcing anything. Simple strokes and tender moves will suffice.

If you want to have a pleasurable experience, you need to stick to the above-mentioned. After all, urethral play is a unique form of sexual play and does not involve aggression. The urethra is highly sensitive (that’s why the whole thing is so enjoyable), and there’s no need to go hard.

The Sensation

Now, we are getting to the good part. As we mentioned, it is quite challenging to describe the feeling of urethral sounding, but one fan of it said it was like masturbating from the inside. And it makes sense.

The urethra is full of highly sensitive nerves, and stimulating them arouses you in ways nothing else can. The goal would be reaching the bladder because, on the way, you will have to pass the prostate gland or the infamous P-spot. Speaking from experience, that is like the best orgasm you ever had!

Some men will feel the greatest pleasure while removing the rod. The idea is to pull it out gently, but not all the way, and then let it slide back in. That is like a massage of the urethra, and you should give it a go once you master the basic technique.

All in all, whether it is the urethra insertion or the removal of the rod that gets you off, we’re sure urethral toys will change your life and you would not think of giving up sexual pleasure from urethral play.


For all of you ready to explore new kinks, urethral play is the new frontier. Just make sure you get the proper sounding kit and follow the instructions. Once you learn how to sound your prostate, you won’t be able to stop. There is a reason why urethral play is popular than you thought, in fact Metro has published an article about this. You can do it solo or with an open-minded partner. Either way, one thing is sure — you will undoubtedly enjoy it!

Author: beautifulleopard215