Do Urethral Toys Boost Up Your Senses?

December 28, 2018

Loneliness is not a reason for giving up sexual pleasure, so sex shops offer a wide variety of sex toys that can brighten up your leisure time. In their assortment, you can find everything to meet your fantasies: artificial vaginas and butts, realistic dolls, prostate stimulants and much more. If you’re looking to buy some, you can Get yours now at

But do not think that this section is intended only for single men. In it, you will also find a variety of different devices, allowing you to deliver additional pleasure to your partner.

Rings and nozzles on the penis are indispensable assistants in matters of sexual activity. A diverse assortment of rings and nozzles allows you to make any changes to the process: change the size of the penis and its shape, extend the time of sexual intercourse, simultaneously stimulate several erogenous zones, speed up and even strengthen the partner’s orgasm. All this is possible, it is only necessary to determine the choice among the diversity of our range.

Rings with vibration perform the function of maintaining an erection, but with a bonus as one or several vibro-elements for additional stimulation of the partner’s erogenous zones. Many women love to caress themselves in the process of sex with a partner, but it is not always convenient. Let your passion relax and have fun, without being distracted by anything.

Why are sex toys now at the height of fashion?

Pornography and its visual codes are so firmly entered into yourlife, that it cannot simply be turned off by closing the lid of the laptop. Predicted with almost Olympic energy, diversity and provocative devices, porn leaves no chance for classic “boring sex” remember who would like to eat mother’s cooking after the first children’s acquaintances with juicy burgers and coke? The fact that this is bad and unhealthy, everyone already knows, let’s talk about pleasant things.

Different types of urethral toys are for solo sessions and for bright group performances. It is realistic, indistinguishable from kitchen technical utensils or suitable for space fiction decorations. Available even to a student or created for Asian fetishists with a gold card of a top manager. But there is a class of intimate gadgets, which is undeservedly paid minimum attention. Homemade sex toys genuine folk art. There is no sublimation to you the power and imagination are embedded in the objects of the first erotic necessity. If, consciously or by chance, you have never done anything with your hands in your life, then here it is – an opportunity that should not be missed. Metro has published an article about this.

Ice cubes, electric toothbrush and other fly swatches leave to women’s magazines the improvised is not self-made and you do not need to be freud to understand that cucumber is not only a cucumber. Primitive crafts such as a pumpkin with a hole for a member or a ski mask with a sewn zipper, we also take out the brackets, the benefit of interesting objects and without them is enough. Of all the usual assortment of the sex shop, the world of DIY toys is limited, as a rule, on direct imitators of the female and male genitalia. There is a considerable amount of home-made furniture with belts for BDSM experiments, but let us leave the secrets of their production to joiners and proceed to the manufacturing guidelines found on the web.

Make Your Own Sex Toys

In general, a penny imitator of female reproductive organs from kitchen sponges can also be classified as elementary, but it is a sin to not mention him in this list. Moreover, in contrast to a number of more complex models, this one has the option of temperature control.

What you need: two large sponges, a glass or a jar from under the Pringles, a lubricant, a condom.

Take the sponge, wet it in warm water if you expect reciprocity from the partner, of course, wring out. Between them, as a kind of filling sandwich, put a condom so that the open end is completely stuck outside. Put a sandwich in a glass preferably plastic for safe sex with the open end of the condom out and stretch the edges of the rubber product on the edges of the glass. In the resulting cozy hole fill lubricant.

Popcorn with a surprise

Not so much a sex toy as a starter. One should be careful and clearly understand the situation: not every girl will be glad to start a close acquaintance in this way. The charm of a young Mickey Rourke does not hurt here.

What you need: A bucket for popcorn, a toilet paper roll, a rubber glove, a scissors or a stationery knife. You already understood everything yourself. Make a round hole in the bottom of the bucket; insert the skeleton of toilet paper or toilet towels there. To heighten convenience, it is better to wrap the tube inside with a rubber glove. Disguise the trap with popcorn and call on the sofa to watch a nightmare.

Glove of love

A rubber glove is not only one of the main ingredients in the cookbook, but can serve the service in almost pure form. This is not the easiest device to perform, but with proper skill it will reward the home master with a decent volume.

What you need: 2-3 rubber gloves, stationery gum, scissors, and lubricant. Honestly, it’s better to follow the video instructions; the sequence of twisting the rubber base requires extreme concentration. But first, you need to put a rubber glove on your hand and on it another one and preferably another one on top, carefully tucking one into the other fingers. In the end, firmly fix the open ends of the gloves with rubber bands and make an incision on one of the fingers. With a little light work, a lightweight replica of the female pelvis comes out.

Vacuum mate

If all of the above constructors cause you to yawn, it’s time to take up the real work. Ultimately you get something more than a car for pleasure the real pride of the inventor.

What you need: A 50-mm polypropylene plumbing pipe, a transition joint 50 mm at one end and 32 mm at the other, a socket 32 ??mm, 5-mm bolt not yours, metal, a lock nut to it, a pair of rubber gaskets and a sanitary washer 5–8 mm in diameter, a bicycle wheel chamber 26 x 2.5. Pay attention to the nipples.

Gift for girlfriend

Of course, if a girl really loves handy tools, then she already has it. And if not, then she always knows how to replace him. However, a gift made by hand is the best gift. Despite the ingeniously simple form, there are quite a few ways to get a copy of the phallus: from a completely unviable ice specimen to a fragile wax version or even papier-mâché. But there is a classic too.It will take a large otherwise marker, a classic thick gasket, electrical tape, a condom.

Wrap a marker or any other suitable phallic object, first with a female gasket and then with a thick layer of electrical tape. Further, depending on the circumstances: some craftsmen cover the design with a layer of silicone or other plastic material and even paint, while others simply content themselves with a colored condom.

Where can one buy?

In the end, you still hardly get something sensible, but if you really want to please yourself or other hand-made products, welcome to heaven. Among other things, there is a nice section with sex toys.


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