Anal Beads Tips for Beginners: Best Ways To Start Using Anal Beads

December 29, 2018

The anal beads, also known as Thai balls, are currently presented as a stimulation toy that can be used interchangeably by any sex and not being so aggressive with the area is presented as an ideal accessory for the warm-up stage. It is the most used adult toys along with vibrators. If you want to experiment with these balls it is advised that you know some important aspects of them by going through the beginner’s guide to anal beads. You can check this website for more info.

Recommendations for Using the Anal Balls

If you are going to acquire a complement of this type for your relationships, the ideal is that you know the materials in which they are made. These are popularly made in silicone, although they can also be found in metal. Bvibe has a great article on this subject.

The benefit of anal beads made in silicone is that this is a material that is sanitized very easily. The metal also allows for good hygiene, but is recommended for cases where more intense penetrations are preferred.

Whatever your choice, what is advised is to choose toys that are not made of porous materials and that do not present foliates. Ideally, it should be a smooth material, so that in this way it does not store bacteria in the pores and at the same time irritations are avoided.

If you have decided to make use of these balls it is advised that you follow the following guidelines:

  • The first thing to consider is that these balls are used during the sexual act in order to increase the pleasure of the couple. With them you can have much more intense orgasms. It must also be taken into account that its use can be given simultaneously to vaginal penetration.
  • In addition, it should be noted that their main purpose is to help dilate the rectum area, as a preamble to the practice of anal sex.
  • When making use of these Anal Balls it is advisable to look for a comfortable position, which will help you to relax the muscles of the anal area.
  • It is essential to make use of a good water-based lubricant, to apply on the balls and anus.
  • Then, when introducing them, it must be done with an undulating movement. In this way its insertion is easier.
  • Likewise, you should know that you can leave the balls inserted. In the case of choosing rigid balls you can make penetrating movements.
  • Also, it is necessary to take into account the diameter of the balls chosen. These can be found in the current market with different dimensions, although the average size is 30 mm. Clearly and if you want smaller balls to start in this practice you can also find them, although the recommended in this case is to opt for those that are presented with a rigid base that facilitates the insertion.
  • In any case it is also necessary to consider the weight of them about 30 g is the usual.

Finally, hygiene is something we cannot forget. Whenever you are going to use them, do not forget to clean them and the same when you finish. In the case of wishing to use them in the vagina, first you have to make an adequate cleaning.

Although the Chinese balls are quite popular and we have already talked about them for a long time, you need to have a facelift to that old article and renew it a bit, because updating and refreshing knowledge never hurts, right?

Pleasures of Ancient Beads

Let’s start this update by its origin. Despite being called Chinese balls, its origin dates back to feudal Japan and was designed to satisfy the sexual desires of an emperor. Legend has it that the emperor had enough lovers and little patience or time. Therefore, they created these balls for their concubines. The idea was that they would use them to lubricate and so he could go straight to the point without having to be “wasting time.”

Subsequently, the Geishas also used them to exercise their pelvic floor and also began to give them a more pleasant use that is why Chinese balls are also known as geisha balls.

What are Chinese balls?

Normally they are two balls, although it can be a single one, between 3 and 4 cm in diameter joined by a cord or rubber. Inside, each ball contains another smaller and heavier ball that oscillates with the movement (sways) generating a vibration that can become pleasant.

We have said that Chinese balls are also known as Geisha balls or ben wa balls, but do not confuse them with Thai balls. What is the difference between the two? The difference is marked by the use that is given and explained: Chinese balls are usually for vaginal use, while Thai balls are for anal use.

How to differentiate from each other?

It is not very difficult because these Thai balls are a series of balls, usually between three and ten, that grow in size, do not contain another ball inside and usually end with a ring or stop, which serves to avoid the empty effect and you, can take them out later.In short, the anal or Thai balls contain more balls and smaller (between 1.5-2 cm) than our protagonists.

How are Chinese balls placed?

Inserting them is as simple as putting a tampon. The first thing to do is to be relaxed, to put yourself in the position in which one is more comfortable: sitting in the toilet or bidet, lying with legs spread out or standing with one foot resting on the bed or in the bathtub. As you can imagine, if you are nervous, the thing is tense and will be unpleasant and even painful. A tip: putting some lubricant on the first ball will facilitate its introduction.

The mechanics to follow are simple: push and introduce the first ball in the vagina, and repeat the operation with the second. Extra trick: if we get very nervous and the first ball does not want to enter, we can help the old lubricant and rotate it, turn it as if we put a light bulb, to give an example, while we push it inwards. The second ball will enter better than the first and you know that the experience is a degree and knows that nothing has happened, nor has it hurt to introduce the first, as it helps a lot.The only thing that has to be left out is the tampons. If they are well placed, you will not notice anything until you start to move, that’s where the vibrations will start to be noticed.


Author: beautifulleopard215