Sex includes anal too. But what benefit do we get from it?

March 8, 2022

Frankly, most people either hate or love anal sex. There’s no middle ground. Both have good reasons. Those that don’t love it emphasize how it can be pretty painful and that there’s too much preparation for little enjoyment. However, we fall into the other group — we simply love booty intercourse.


First, it prevents unwanted pregnancy since penetration occurs in the wrong hole. On the other hand, it welcomes sex toys and makes the whole deed more fun and exciting, unlike traditional missionary vaginal plowing. But that’s not all. There are more benefits to this type of sexual activity, and we’re here to list them in the following few paragraphs.

Intense Orgasm

It’s no secret that there are various types of orgasms. From vaginal to clitoral, anal orgasm is one of the best you can experience. It’s, however, more common for men to experience it, as booty sex for them means prostate stimulation, which leads to a volcanic explosion of cum. Females, on the other hand, require additional stimulation. This additional stimulation calls for sex toys or even double penetration. Still, how do anal orgasms come about?


In essence, the anal canal is full of nerve endings. This means that applying pressure on it will result in pleasure galore. Furthermore, anal walls lean in on both the G and P-spot in women and men, respectively. As such, having an object inside your ass will tingle either your G-spot or your prostate, leading to an otherworldly climax. The feeling spreads like wildfire through your entire body, unlike any other in the world of carnal pleasures.

Women Can Avoid Pregnancy

An obvious anal sex benefit for women is that there are no unwanted pregnancies. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that babies come about due to vaginal intercourse. Therefore, if you have sex through your backdoors, the seamen can’t fertilize the female egg cell. And since some love creampies, there’s no better way to go about it than to do it anally.

However, none of this means that you shouldn’t use protection and practice safe sex, even when it comes to anal. Moreover, booty sexual intercourse is commonly behind STIs if you don’t go about it with condoms. The risk of contracting HIV is bigger because micro-tears are more likely to happen during anal.

It Helps People Explore Their Body

No matter how young or old you might be, exploring your body sexually is a must. You never know how you will react to certain stimulation, acts, and fetishes. In fact, you might discover various kinks along the way. Therefore, trying anal sex is a must. No matter what’s your gender or sexual orientation, and even if it might hurt at first.


Yep! We’ve said how many don’t like booty sex because it’s too painful. But it doesn’t have to be like that. To have the best experience, it’s key to start slow and use lube. Many who don’t enjoy it simply don’t go about it the right way. But you can avoid their mistakes by doing more research and doing things slowly and without pressure.

Anal Sex Is More Exciting

There comes a time when couples just don’t find the same amount of joy in sex as they did in the beginning. And that’s okay. It happens even to the best of us. However, it’s not okay to settle down and accept that as something you can’t change. The way to turn things around is to spice up your sex life. And what better way to spice up your carnal affairs than to include anal sex on the menu?


The whole act is dirty. But not in a literal sense. There’s just something wrong with it, and that’s what can make you and your partner tick. It’s like the forbidden fruit in many ways. You know it’s taboo, and tradition doesn’t look kindly upon it, but that’s where the whole fun is. And if you incorporate sex toys, role-playing, or any other addition to your sex life with it, it can send the two of you on an everlasting journey of lust and desire.

Sex Toys Can Play Their Part Too

Anal sex benefits for men and women also include promoting the use of adult toys and gadgets. To have the best booty experience, you must use some sort of anal toy. A butt plug, bead, or a prostate massager — it doesn’t matter. The point is to relax the muscles surrounding the anus and prepare it for penile or any other insertion.


Unlike vaginal sex, anal isn’t as smooth at first. It requires lots of preparation. As such, both sex toys and lube come in handy. But it’s not just about including toys as mere tools. It’s also about making the whole deal more fun and experimental. With a princess plug and a tube of lube by your side, the whole thing will feel straight out of a porn scene.

Promotes Intimacy

The benefits of anal sex don’t stop with toys and reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Reaching sexual satisfaction through this act is also about intimacy. Aside from the fact that frequent sex like this can lead to a strong orgasm, which relieves stress and boost your immune system, it calls for aftercare too. Unlike regular sex, anal can hurt. This means that you need to be by your partner once the deed is over, which is as intimate as anything.


Talking about the experience and caring for the one whose anus feels sore should be the first thing to do afterward. Sharing your thoughts about what you’ve just done can help improve the deed when you try it out the next time. On the flip side, caring is essential, and it will bring the two of you closer to one another. This can be quite beneficial for partners who feel like their marriage is standing on loose legs.

Just a Short Advice From Us

As we’ve said, anal sex isn’t the easiest, especially for newbies. The canal is more narrow, unlike the vagina, and it can be painful to stuff it with a toy or an actual penis. So, to experience it as safely as possible, you’ll need to follow certain steps, including some hygienic and health-related ones.


The first one to have in mind is that you must use lube — lots of it. If you’re new to lubricants, we suggest water-based lube. It’s hypoallergenic, meaning the chances of experiencing an allergic reaction are close to zero. And if you combine it with a sex toy (beads, plugs, or dildo), be sure the size fits you. Don’t overestimate yourself.


When it comes to hygiene and health, be sure to use protection and that your toys are cleaned pre and after use. Additionally, don’t use the same toy or the same condom for subsequent vaginal penetration. The anus is full of bacteria — obviously — and they shouldn’t come in contact with the vulva. If they do, they can cause serious infections.

Author: beautifulleopard215