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Is It Time for Sex Toys for a Healthier Relationship?

March 14, 2020

What is the secret to great sex in relationships, and how can you improve your sex life? Some things that you can try are physical exercise, yoga classes, etc. But, if you really want to get down and dirty, sex toys will instantly revolutionize your time in the bedroom! So check out our article if you want to know how to choose a sex toy with your partner and learn how they will benefit your sex life!

Great Sex Life

What does it mean to have a healthy and exciting sex life? Sex is different for everyone. People in relationships usually have a lot of time to learn what makes their partners tick. Also, sex is mainly about physical pleasure and the emotional connection, and it can be a superb intimacy-booster.

When it comes to bedroom activities in long-term relationships, people should always strive to make the experience better for themselves and their partners. Still, it’s not always easy to keep the fire flowing in long-term bonds. One of the biggest reasons why couples experience sexual boredom is the fact that they simply stop trying. They could forget to experiment and to broaden their sexual horizons.

Regarding great sex, many experts believe that it’s simply a matter of active involvement and participation. Even couples who know they are compatible in the bedroom have to put in some effort to increase their sexual pleasure and their intimacy.

Many can try to improve their sex lives with role-playing and other naughty kinks. Other effective examples include watching porn together, experimenting with different sexual positions, and simply trying out new things. And that’s where sex toys come in!

How Sex Toys Can Help

If you’re thinking about how sex toys improve relationships, there are actually a ton of reasons why they’re helpful.

Firstly, most toys are easily accessible. There is a nearly infinite pool of quality products that serve various purposes. For one, sex toys are highly recommended for women. They can be used during penetrative sex with a partner or solo sex. They can produce much stronger orgasms in a shorter time span. In that sense, some of the best toys are vibrators, G-spot massagers, and dildos.

For men, cock rings and anal massagers could also lead to some powerful orgasms. Some toys can actually help guys perform better and make their partners reach orgasm much quicker. And if you’ve always fantasized about a kink or fantasy, bringing sex toys into the bedroom will certainly fulfill it. For instance, lots of couples use sex toys like dildos to simulate double penetration. You can also pair toys with accessories like cuffs and blindfolds to increase the heat. On a more extreme side, couples who share BDSM fetishes can own chests full of toys and gadgets for all kinds of dirty dungeon adventures.

Regardless of your preference, toys can truly help to broaden your sexual horizons. They can expand your sexual response, boost your intimacy, and simply make you much, much hornier! But when should you choose one? Which one will suit you the best?

When Is It Time to Introduce a Sex Toy Into the Relationship?

Unfortunately, not everyone is open to using sex toys. Some men and women could be offended if their partner brought a toy into the bedroom by surprise. People can also believe that some toys look intimidating or freaky. Others may avoid them altogether if they are shy or embarrassed.

So definitely have a chat with your partner first. An open discussion on why you would like to try a toy will help a lot. Adult toys may not be a problem if your partner is already a bit kinky, but if they aren’t, try to carefully bring up the subject so that you don’t scare them.

If you think that your sex life could benefit from a vibrator or butt plug, it’s time to talk to your partner and see what they think!

Usually, if they want to make you happy, they’ll probably agree. If not, you should watch out for some red flags. Namely, bringing this subject up could be offensive to some partners. They could think that they are not enough for you and that you want to experience sex with someone else. Hence, always explain why you think a toy or two would be useful. Reassure them that you want to get a toy because it will give both of you pleasure and not because you are bored with them or because you’re not happy with your sex life.

If your discussion goes well and if your partner is into it, then it’s definitely time to order some toys.

How to Choose a Sex Toy With Your Partner

Generally, buying sex toys is much easier now compared to the pre-internet era. You can find and order any toy online with extreme discretion and anonymity.

And when it comes to choosing, there are several key factors. Firstly, think about your goals. Do you want to use the toy on your partner? Or do you also want to use it on yourself? Do you need a vibrator to satisfy your loved one, or would you prefer a cock ring or anal massager for you? Think about who will be using the toy and for what. If you want to enact some fantasies, definitely consider the appropriate toys or even costumes. Fortunately, sex toys are affordable. So, even if you make a mistake at first, you can always get another one later.

What’s more, it’s important to do some research and learn about the materials used for toys and how to maintain them. Most toys are made with quality silicone, TPU, jelly, or stainless steel. Some, like dildos, can be flexible and bendy, while others are hard-shelled (i.e., bullet vibrators). Depending on the material, you can use the toy with some appropriate lubricants and maintain them using some proper cleaning procedures.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Like we’ve said, the toy you choose will depend on your personal preference. However, we’ll give you some pointers if you’re still unsure.

For starters, beginners should start with a classic, like a regular-size vibrator or a bullet vibe. Vibrators are great because they can stimulate most erogenous zones. They truly create some intense sensations! Both women and men can enjoy them, especially during foreplay. You can use them to tease each other and simply build the excitement to make penetrative sex much more intense. Also, vibrators are some of the best toys for strong vaginal and clitoral orgasms. You can use them during penile-vaginal penetration with your partner in positions like doggy style. They are easy to use and are incredibly versatile, which is why they’re the perfect fit for newbies.

But, if you’ve already tried one or if you prefer something that can satisfy a male partner, cock rings are a great choice. They can intensify and prolong the male erection while improving sex for both partners. On the other hand, if you want to spice up your sex life with something that’s even naughtier, choose a buttplug. Anal plugs are superb for all kinds of anal play. They are a perfect (and pain-free) way to build up to hot anal sex. And with more intense kinks, you can truly be creative and find all sorts of sex tools. That includes inflatable dildos, cock cages, ball gags, prostate massagers, latex bodysuits, strapons, and more!


Hopefully, this article has shown how and why sex toys can benefit couples and improve their sex life. All that’s left to do now is to have a chat with your partner and order some sex toys! Have fun!

Author: beautifulleopard215