How to Improve Your Sex Life After Marriage

May 20, 2020

Sexual intimacy is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship, together with emotional and mental connection. To some spouses, it is even the most relevant aspect of their marital life. However, excuses for not having sex or, more precisely, for not having enough sex in marriage are various. Marital partners often cite exhaustion, busy schedules, or kids as the primary culprits behind the lack of sex drive.

Whatever the real reason may be, a vast majority of couples experience some kind of sexual dry periods or crises during their marriages. Sex offers so many benefits aside from the pleasure itself. A fulfilling sex life enhances our lives and makes all other experiences more potent and exciting.

Some Couples Reported That They Have Less Sex After Marriage

Marital life seems to be full of routines and lacks excitement compared to when people actively dated. Back then, many report their sex lives were much more passionate and frequent.

Some couples’ sex life suffered after they got married for several reasons. Apart from the changes in their lifestyles, they also talk about the lack of affection they get from their partners. As the years go by, some say that sleeping with the same person they know all about eventually leads to boredom.

The Role of Sex in Marriage

Sometimes, building a family may be the most common reason spouses have sex, which makes it less of an enjoyable experience. In other words, both partners might see sex as an obligation rather than an activity that brings pleasure and excitement.

But what is the importance of sex in marriage, and where should it be on the list of couples’ priorities?

According to sex therapists, spouses should rank sex highly on their priority lists. Intercourse is a way to foster intimacy; therefore, more sexual activities can enhance the quality of your marriage.

Sex also improves communication with your partner. All the talk about sensitive topics and openness regarding intimate desires is how partners foster their relationship. Moreover, research showed that people who had sex regularly were overall happier, which led to an overall improvement in their quality of life. That makes sexual intimacy extremely beneficial for all couples dealing with everyday challenges.

How to Achieve a Healthy Sex Life

Here are a few ways to achieve and maintain a healthy and fulfilling sex life in marriage:

1. Foster Communication

Excellent communication is key to any successful relationship. So open up to your partner, talk about your desires, and be honest about your sexual needs. If there are any issues in this aspect of your life, acknowledge it, and ask your partner for their opinion. Remember that we all change, so devoted and tactful communication allows you to always stay up to date with both yours and your partner’s new identity. Our sexual energy, needs, and habits may fluctuate, and regular communication helps us adapt to these changes. Marriage, as well as sex, is always a two-way street, and you both need to work on it to keep the love flame ablaze.

2. Plan a Date

Schedule a date with your spouse whenever possible. Make that a weekly routine and try to stick to it! Use that one-on-one time to talk about and with each other. Keep discovering your partner because that’s a never-ending process. Go to a bar or a concert, flirt, and turn the date into foreplay for sex. Avoid complex topics and keep the atmosphere relaxing.

3. Show Affection Throughout the Day

You will surely agree that sex does not start in bed, but with simple signs of affection we show throughout the day. Start with a tender kiss in the morning, pay attention to your partner’s physical appearance, and remember to express adoration for their body. Cuddling and hugging more often also does the trick. That will create a more intimate bond between the two of you, particularly after sex.

4. Maintain Attraction

Before you think about being attractive to your spouse, make sure you find yourself attractive. Take care of your body, do sports regularly, and mind your diet. Find out what makes you feel sexy. Be it an attractive piece of clothing, toned body, or merely watching an erotic movie, find time to enjoy it and keep that sexual aura around you. Never stop seducing your partner with your body language. Think about how you talk, move, or look them in the eyes and rest assured that these simple gestures will wake a whole new passion for each other and boost your intimate life.

Other Ways to Have a Healthier Sex Life

Have you perhaps forgotten to fantasize?

When it comes to sexual play itself, there are some suggestions on how to make it more passionate. The solution is simple — free yourself and fantasize! Include some roleplaying into your bedroom and observe how your sex drive skyrockets!

You may decide to act as two total strangers or ask your partner to perform a striptease for you. Ask your partner to treat you like a slave if that’s your secret desire or try some new sex positions. And don’t forget to let yourself loose and include some dirty talk! Otherwise, you could equip yourselves with sex toys or costumes and make an unforgettable roleplaying scene!

Regardless of your play of choice, if you still find yourself struggling with low sexual desire, do not panic! Consider seeking sex advice for men from a professional, and, if necessary, include some medication. If you combine these therapies with the previous practical advice we’ve laid out, you’re sure to find fruitful results eventually.

Sexual intimacy and regular, healthy sexual activity both have a tremendous influence on our lives. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that inhibitions or sexual blocks can affect our performance in other everyday activities, worsen our mood, or kill our happiness. Bear that in mind if you come across a dry spell in your marital life. However, if you stay brave and communicate with your partner, you too can get your sex life back on track in no time!

Author: beautifulleopard215