Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sex?

April 26, 2020

When you think about it, this is a strange question, primarily because the phrase “too much sex” implies there’s a set of standards that determine the right amount of sex to have. Of course, there is no such thing. You won’t find a reputable medical authority stating everything over XY per day may damage your health.

To put it simply, the answer would be a resounding NO with a huge HOWEVER right after it. We all love a good orgasm, and we should indulge ourselves and our partners as many times as possible. Unfortunately, certain patterns of behavior can be unhealthy. Read this article and be at ease about your sex drive, or maybe consider whether you’re developing a problem.

Sex Every Day Is Okay… But

You’ll find research circulating the net that states that, on average, adults have sex once a week. Should that be the golden standard? Would everything above this number be excessive? And what do they mean by sex? Does oral count? Is it strictly banging? Does a threesome count as two points then?

Obviously, there’s no definitive answer. The question of “Is it possible to have too much sex?” is regulated by two criteria. The first one comes from society, whether we like it or not. In some areas, if a girl has too much sex, she’s a slut, and if a guy has too much sex, he’s a stud. So if someone else tries to dictate your sex life (parents, religion), try muting these influences.

You Set the Bar

The other standard-maker, which is far more important, is you. You are the one who determines that you are having the right amount of sex per day, week, month, etc. Just follow your feelings. We all have different needs and sex drives, and these things change from period to period. Having sex several times a day every day is perfectly normal in your honeymoon phase.

When you feel that the number of sex sessions is influencing your life in a negative way, then it becomes a problem. If you’re banging like crazy during a deadline, and you’re failing to fulfill your obligations, it’s time to pull a break. Are you practicing sex so much that you’re developing health issues? It’s time to slow down.

Why Is Too Much Sex Bad for You?

If you are worried that you won’t notice the problem, don’t be. The first signs that you’re having too much sex will be clear, and they will come in the form of physical issues. Your body will send you signals that it has had enough and that it’s time to slow down. These can range from insignificant annoyances to actual complications that require medical assistance.

Even when you’re lying on your back and staring at your partner bouncing on you, sex requires physical strain. Sometimes, it is more demanding, sometimes less, but all in all, it requires stamina and a certain level of fitness. If you practice sex too often, it can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Just try to sleep it off for a day or two.

Other discomforts from being too physical with other people include chafing of the skin, which can get especially itchy and unpleasant. This becomes quite problematic if it’s in your nether region, and you feel it when you’re walking. Your extremities might get sore; what’s worse, your privates can develop soreness and numbness.

Lastly, you might develop more serious problems. Sex itself can become painful due to inflammation of your genitalia. Being swollen is another condition that is common in these cases. And on top of all of this, you might get a urinary tract infection. If this happens, you should contact your medical professional.

Compulsive Sex and Hypersexuality

We’ve covered some of the physical issues, but they could be symptoms of an underlying problem that is psychological in nature. An average person will feel that their increase in the number of sex sessions is interfering with their health and everyday life, so they will take a break. However, other people have the impulse to escalate, and stopping is not an option.

Compulsion Without Control

When we develop compulsive behaviors, they tend to control our lives and not the other way around. This can happen with sex as well. We all have sexual thoughts, but can you imagine that these thoughts are all you have? You can’t perform at work, have normal conversations, or be an active member of your community because your mind constantly fantasizes about banging.


Obsessive behavior may lead to hypersexuality, and that is when having sex not only influences your life — it becomes the only thing in your life. These people generally don’t stop to ask: “Is too much sex a problem?” Healthy relationships, personal development, career, obligations, even food and sleep come in second place to having sex.

This kind of behavior may appear when a person is not ready to deal with serious problems. They can be practical, like financial troubles, or emotional, e.g., repressed depression. In these cases, a person uses sex as a coping mechanism. Why deal with difficulties in life, when you can bang?! Sadly, as wonderful as it is, sex doesn’t solve all problems.

How Do You Know If It’s Too Much?

If this question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer for you, we’re going to offer some guidelines you can use. Maybe after these mental pointers, you’ll have a better picture of your dilemma.

If you are a solo player, this might be easier to figure out since, in the end, your decision only hinges on one person, and that is you. Simply try to be honest with yourself, and try to look at things objectively.

So you’re having tons of sex — good for you. If you have numerous partners, don’t forget to use protection. You’re at the peak of your dating game; that’s all good and well. Still, here are some questions to ask yourself.

Solo Players

Are you showing some physical problems that we have covered so far? For example, your body is aching, you’re exhausted, and sex has become slightly painful? If the answer is yes or you exhibit similar problems, maybe it’s time to take a short vacation from sexcapades.

The same goes for your everyday life. Do you sacrifice your lunch break to have a nooner? Skipping dinner to have more quality time in bed? You don’t have enough sleep, so you could get enough romping? Similarly, do your work/school obligations suffer because sex is a priority? If your answer to all of these is yes, and you still want to have more sex, you might be in trouble.

Couple’s Problem

With couples, the game is a bit different. You might have a stronger sex drive than your partner. In this case, what’s too little sex for you, might be too much sex for your significant other. The problem arises when people are not in sync, and your insistence on sex influences the quality of your relationship.

You might not be hypersexual — you might simply have different expectations than your partner. Then you need to talk this out, or if there’s no solution, maybe it’s time to find another partner. On the other hand, if you answered the above-mentioned questions with yes, maybe you’re developing compulsive behavior, and it is directed towards your partner.

The important thing is not to develop unnecessary stress in your mind regarding this life’s pleasurable activity — sex. If you feel great and you’re having great amounts of sex — congratulations. Just try to be objective and see whether other aspects of your life are suffering because of your sex life.

Author: beautifulleopard215