How to Make Your Shower Orgasm Even Better

July 27, 2020

Shower Masturbation Tips for Women

Showers are great all by themselves, but why not make them just a tad greater with a leg-shaking, mind-blowing orgasm or two, right? Well, of course, who would say no to that?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning shower or a night shower type of person. Getting a bit freaky and using your shower time to get even more relaxed is always a good idea. Starting or ending your day with orgasms will put you in a better mood, get you to relax a bit, and improve your overall health (yeah, we aren’t kidding).

However, many women avoid shower masturbation because it seems rushed or even impersonal. Ladies, let us be the ones to tell you how oh-so-wrong you are.

First of all, shower time is your time. No one can intrude on it. It’s your time to relax and generally do whatever makes you feel good.

You can lean on the cool wall, and the hot water will wash away all your worries. Alternatively, you can close your eyes and pretend you’re in Hawaii or grab your showerhead and make your clitoris respond to different water pressures.

The last one sounds delicious, right? We agree, so here are the best shower masturbation tips that will turn your regular shower into the highlight of your day!

Set the Stage and Light Some Scented Candles

If you’re one of those women who like to set the mood every time they reach into their own panties — we completely understand. Sure, sometimes, we all like to rub one out quickly, but masturbation is also a vital part of “me time.” Therefore, setting the right mood is essential.

So if you’re worried that shower masturbation might be too frigid, then by all means — create an atmosphere that works for you.

We suggest making the entire bathroom romantic-looking. It doesn’t take that much, to be honest. All you have to do is spread some scented candles around and dim the lights.

It’s amazing how much that will change not only the room but also your mood. If you’re struggling with your libido or have troubles getting all hot and bothered in the shower, try some scented candles that will increase your libido. Chocolate and vanilla candles or the ones infused with lavender and citrus might do wonders for you!

The Showerhead Is Your Best Friend

After you set the mood, it’s time to get frisky! When it comes to shower masturbation, the showerhead plays one of the most vital roles. If you have one that can change the water pressure easily, you don’t need anything else.

Of course, never use the showerhead (or the faucet) for penetrative masturbation. There are several masturbation techniques that involve the showerhead, but neither of them includes penetration. It’s not safe, and it WILL turn your playtime into a nightmare.

Instead, use the showerhead to apply gentle (or a bit more forceful) pressure on your clitoris. You can also play with your nipples. Let the water gently caress them while you use your hand to stimulate your clitoris.

Don’t Miss Out on Temperature Play

Temperature play can feel amazing (if you’re into it), and the shower is the perfect place to test it out. When you play with temperature in the shower, you’ll get a full-body response. What’s more, the way your body responds to these sensations might surprise you.

Many women don’t even know that they are into temperature play. If you’re too hesitant to switch between hot and cold water, then lean on the cold wall of the shower (or the side of the tub) and let the warm water cascade over you. If it feels pleasant, you can work your way up to some more daring types of temperature play.

Don’t Forget — Water Isn’t Lube

People often get carried away in the shower because they think water will make everything smoother. That’s quite far from the truth. Water will never be a good substitute for lube. What’s more, it will also wash away all natural lubrication you might have.

Therefore, no matter how you play in the shower (but especially if you’re using sex toys), you need to have some silicone-based lube on hand. Even if you don’t plan on any penetration happening, lube will certainly make things easier for you.

Of course, picking a silicone-based lube (as opposed to a water-based one) is vital for shower playtime. Otherwise, you might as well go without.

Spice It Up With (Waterproof) Sex Toys

Sex toys aren’t reserved for the bedroom. However, to use them in the shower, you need to have waterproof ones, of course.

Not all toys are a great choice for shower masturbation. But if you’re looking to have a long, satisfying shower masturbation session that includes a lot of penetration, different sex positions, and an all-around great time, go for a waterproof dildo with a suction cup.

Why? Because that’s the most convenient option. Not to mention, thanks to the suction cup, it allows you to have some hands-free pleasure. You can rock on the dildo and have both hands free for some clit and nipple stimulation

A Few Parting Words

If you never played in the shower before, believe us that it will change your life. Once you’ve experienced your first shower orgasm, you’ll never go back to regular showers.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath, we also suggest that you check out how shower masturbation’s cousin, bath masturbation, will treat you. Rest assured that you’ll be thoroughly satisfied!

Author: beautifulleopard215